Jan 27, 2012

Like me on Facebook

Hey ya'll
Just getting on really quick before I head to my other job
to a very boring Friday night
I created a facebook like box on the left hand side of my page
for my blog
"Like me"
it'll make my day

...Hope everyone has a great week...

Jan 25, 2012

Man On A Ledge

This one's going to be short and sweet
I just so happened to get free screening passes to this amazing movie
"Man On A Ledge"
it hits theatres on Friday and you should definately
make the trip to see it
it is a gripping movie that keeps you guessing
and has no problem keeping your attention
not to mention
the fact that Sam Worthington is a major "hottie"
and really talented actor

...Hope everyones having a great week ...

Jan 19, 2012

Valentines Day Fun

Boudoir is here ladies
Just in time for Valentines Day
Can you think of anything more fun than being a supermodel for the day
and having your significant other end up with a super sexy present that he will be sure to love??
We didn't think so!

We are very excited to announce a boudoir marathon is in the works for 
February 3rd

Free wardrobe consultation
3 outfit changes
1 hour of shooting time

Spots will go quick, contact us soon to ensure your spot.

Find Real Life Photography on facebook here

Jan 17, 2012

I heart tattoos Link-Up

Hey ya'll 

 I'm linking up with Raven today from A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers
For the I heart tattoos link-up (yay)
...Click the link below to head that way...

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

 I have talked about my tattoos a few times
I just got a new one last week that I havn't shared yet
So this link-up couldn't have come at a better time
I have two finger tattoos Loyal on my ring finger and 
RIP R.J. on my opposite hand <3

Shoulder Tattoo Gmas b-day

True love never fails
Ughh bad pic, you can see the light lettering under my bra line
I have "Love is Patient" "Love is kind"
on each side

First session leg piece (outline)
Finished leg piece 

 Define your own beauty

Thanks for visiting

XOXO Ashton Rae


Jan 14, 2012

The dog that needed ritalin

At my bff's now
Watching Kai for Amanda (She is a pitbull)
Definition of Kai
Kai is a silly, hyper, crazy, loving, halarious, nosey, attention hog, and spoiled dog
Basically a princess
Hmm...that sounds slightly familiar
Dog sitting = fun times
Hating the fact that I have to work tonight
Four hours and then coming back here for a redbox movie by myself
But that's ok sometime "me time" is needed

Quote Love

Pinned Image

Jan 13, 2012

Where's the kitty?

Well it was a good day
Morning with the bff late breakfast at Ihop
Coming back to finally clean my disgusting room
It's not dirty
Just clothes
Lets just say if Bear was here right now
He could easily be misplaced for days
So why is it now a bad day?
Because my fave Hello-Kitty ring is missing
It's kind of huge so I dont know how I missplaced it
: (
...I hope it's not gone forever...

And his name is Bear

Well some pretty exciting news
I am getting a brand new little fur ball

He is so small and sweet
I get to bring him home next week
I am so excited
He is all black
My favorite color of course

[And his name is Bear]

Jan 11, 2012

For the love of the Birchbox?

So yesterday I was at work
and I was reading this article
{Y'all should read it}
It was a quite humorous
"Bucket List: Why Every Woman Should Pose Nude"
I was reading it because The Boudoir Divas reccomended it on there site
and I myself was writing a Boudoir Q&A sheet for clients
I thought the article was funny and really true

Thinking about doing a boudoir session?
Read the article here

Live in N.C?
Call Melissa at Real Life Photography
With Valentines day around the corner it couldn't be a better time to knock this one off your bucket list

I saw this link on the same page as the article that said
"Solve Two New Year’s Resolutions With One Move: Monthly Beauty Samples From Birchbox"
I clicked the link only to see it was only 10 dollars a month
I then wrote Birchbox down on one of the 1,000 post it notes we have
to remember to read more about it when I got home
First thing I did when I got home?
Forgot all about Birchbox
I got on Blogger
One of the first "Blogs I'm reading"
Had a post about Birchbox
She was doing a giveaway
I thought hmm...
now I am going to look more into this
Has everyone jumped on the Birchbox train?
So I did more research
"For $10 a month, you get a box of beauty product samples sent to you to try. We’re talking luxury brands, anything from make-up to moisturizer to perfume. You get 4-5 samples a month, after filling out a Beauty Profile for a more streamlined selection in each package."
Sound perfect? I think yes!!
Check Birchbox out here

Tattoo addiction and Jesus Christ

So guess what I did today?
I got another tattoo
Yep just like that
Walked in no appointment 
Came home with a brand new beautiful tattoo
Tattoo addiction?
Maybe :)
In case you don't stalk my blog
and don't know what I was planning to get
it reads...
"Define your own beauty" On my "low" side
Pictures coming soon 
It was still a bit swollen to take any tonight

What's my next piece?
A Gothic cathedral across my back
For those of you that don't know 
which is pretty much everyone 
because I haven't talked about it
I am going to get saved
This tattoo will represent something that happened in my life
that I just never could let go of
I hope to find peace with this once I am saved
and believe it will help me to do so

Me and my mom both found Christ in the same way
I find this ironic
I am going to add a quote to somehow incorporate that in

This will be the latest addition
I plan to start it in March
(My birthday)
I want to start it on my 22nd birthday 
to represent a new year for me 
I know it's going to be a great one
I am finally coming into my own

"Only god can judge me for the choices I have and will make"

Jan 10, 2012

Dear Taco Bell

This weekend my brother and his friend
asked me to go to Taco Bell for them
and bring back food
they were too busy to do so
because of the two
T.V.'s they had set up in the living room
only there for convenience and better odds against the
other crazy Call of Duty addicts
like themselves
(logical right)
anyways I arrived at Taco Bell only to find
that in the prior year
that I had not been there
they added more disgusting fattening food
but yet do to the current hunger state I was in
I decided to say "Oh well it's only calories"
Probably hundred and hundreds of calories
but still JUST calories
So I ordered a Beefy 5 layer burrito
which I found sickenly deliciously disgusting
I just ate two more tonight

So here is my letter to Taco Bell

Dear Taco Bell:
It is possible that this could sound like a break-up letter
probably because
it kind of is
It is a good thing I get off at 3 tomorrow because I will
need the extra hours at the gym because of the calorie intake
you practically begged me to endure tonight
If your food was less deliciously disgusting I wouldn't have eaten
two entire 5 layer burritos
and now be mentally beating myself up over it
some of us have stomach tattoos
In case you didn't know "Taco Hell"
stomach tattoos do not look good
with an ounce of fat on them
So now I am going to walk away from you
never looking back at the weight gain that
(could've been)

Jan 8, 2012

A little more country than that...

So my aunt is soon moving to Florida
(Right by the beach)
I have an invitation for the summer
Which I'm definately thinking about taking...
but here is a few things I would be leaving behind
(All things I love during the summer in sweet home carolina)

For all the North Carolinians out there!

Lexington BBQ
High-Rock lake/Lake Norman 
Pilot Mountain
Waterfalls at Hanging Rock
Dan River Tubing
Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)

Childress/Raylen Vineyards
The amazing people ♥
Random road trips
Good sweet-tea

Jan 3, 2012

Get your own blog book

Ok ya'll so not feeling well is making me a laptop/blog
I am stuck at my moms house bored searching for blog things
and watching marketing videos for Melissa for funzies
It's pretty much an obsession now
I have found the most amazing site to share with you

Print your blog.Save your blog.Love your blog book
Is their slogan
Sound familiar??

It's from

Visit the site here

Whether you have a blog on

You can have your very own Blog book

and it's totally simple
All you do is type your blog URL
It transforms it into your book

You pick the color Front/Back Images (If you want)
Title and side text

(This is just a sample)

You can also choose black and white or color
(for the inside text and pictures)

A 20-page softcover
Blog Book is just $14.95

Hardcover only $24.95.
And extra pages are only 35 cents!

Jan 2, 2012

Escape into music

About to go to bed
Way early for me
So tired of feeling sick
...Sitting here thinking...
Anyone else do this??
...Escape into the music...
"My favorite song of all time" "Let her cry"

"It's been awhile"

"Here Without You"
"You and Tequila"
"Dirt Road Anthem"

2:42 A.M.

Wow ya'll
I don't know what's wrong with me
I can't seem to sleep
and I have to work in just a few hours
Sitting here thinking about really old times
and how much has changed

One song I played almost everyday in High School

...Almost wish I could go back to those days...
But ready or not 2012 is here
"It's time to really find myself"
...and figure out what's best for me...
Just wish trusting someone wasn't so impossibe for me

Jan 1, 2012

Whats up sunday

New Years Eve recap...
Well seeing that I havn't been feeling good
and can't drink with the medicine I'm taking
A crazy night was not in store for me
Dinner with my mom
Catching up with Lynn
Seeing Tigger
Heading to Greensboro

Relaxing morning 
in Greensboro
Anyone else see the Panthers lose this morning?
I know I did
I had alot of fun talking smack about it too

Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
at 7:30

"Lets go Cowboys"

Also just figured out how to
upload a new song to 
Melissa's new website
{Link coming soon}

Now? Relaxing/working & waiting for Dallas to start