May 3, 2011

Sorry Gizmo

Well I forgot to return Mr. Giraffe to Gizmo! Unfortunately I think it might be too late...Tigger seems to be a bit attatched, it is his favorite toy. Do all animal's like Giraffe's this much???

They kinda match

May 2, 2011

Too Sad

Okay so Kyle is officially in West Virginia! We found out this morning that he had to leave for work...whole lotta notice...right??? Well he will be gone for a little while, hopefully not too long. No one like's to be without their hubby right?!

Right before he left : (

New Haircut Kinda :/

Well this "was" my new haircut! Two bad this pic was taken two weeks ago...unfortunately my hair grows out that quickly...time for a new cut with my amazing hairdresser Lizz Summey at Jelane's Hair Studio in Yadkinville!

Love this pic