May 31, 2012

Blogs I heart

There really are so many great bloggers out there! 
Today I just wanted to highlight a few of my faves at the moment!

Lauren from:
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Erin from

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May 30, 2012

The Fiat 500

So I was just sitting here thinking about what to write about when someone suggested, "What about your car?"
HmMmm....actually a good idea!

I get asked a question about my car at virtually every gas station I stop at. Number one question? What type of gas mileage does your car get? Answer: 40 mpg. It cost's me about 30 to fill up and last's on average about two weeks. I got to Florida (from N.C.) and back for under $150. Number two question? This one is a smartass/dumb question that only guys ask and  it always makes me laugh. Can I fit in it? Yes. To any guy reading this, it is bigger than a cracker jack box, you can fit. Fiat's are not just for girl's I have actually seen many guy's driving them.

Now that we are on the size subject do not think that the back seats have as much room, you could fit but you wouldn't want to. I would stick to groceries and shopping bags for that space, it is extremely cramped for people. Number three question. Does that thing have speed? I went 95 most of the way to Florida from N.C. (shhh...) so I would say it can move. That's pretty much all the questions I typically get asked. A few things I would like to mention is, it is a top safety pick. Before I had a fiat I had a 2008 Jeep compass, when I switched my insurance it only went up five dollars. I was extremely impressed with this, seeing that it was new and had a sporty look. The only negative, is poor visibility (Particularly in blind spots.) But to be honest I don't care too much, I pay close attention and try to be extra careful. I love my car and don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon! 

May 28, 2012

Pinterest picks

Hello ya'll hope everyone is having an awesome Memorial Day! I myself have been busy on Pinterest, and working on a collage of some cool things I found to share with ya'll. I have some cute D.I.Y. and random findings below.

Break in your shoes in less than two minutes? Pinterest sent me to Coffee Light and Sweet for this one, what a great blog! The instructions are simple, Put on socks then slip on your shoes. Go ahead and aim for the tight spots with your blow-dryer, now wiggle your toes. Wait till your shoes cool and "Walah." Repeat if needed.

Eat, drink and be married, how cute

All you need for the birthday idea is your favorite pictures a hole puncher, balloons and the ability to tie knots. Simple and cute!

May 27, 2012

Simply sexy sunday

Ok ya'll so I know most women at least occasionally want to do a little something special for our significant others right? On special occasions, or just for the heck of it. This post is going to highlight some of the cutest lingerie out there. In these collection previews I tried to pick a variety of looks for those of us who are more daring and for the more modest. I think there's a look for everyone! Hope ya'll enjoy, simply sexy sunday will be a reoccuring event. So stay tuned for more hot looks to come. Grab the link up button and join in the fun, what's your fave look?

The collection above is the Babycakes collection from They have some great stuff, this collection is pretty pricey and perfect for a special occasion. Don't count Trashy out if it's the price your worried about they have some great deals, and some cute Halloween costumes as well.

These are all from Great site, lots of options and they are affordable. All of the pieces I chose for the preview are on sale and under $30.00.

These are all from I love Fredericks of Hollywood! They have a huge variety of looks, really good quality items at a great price point.

May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Yummies

Ok ya'll I know most of us will be cooking out, having people over, or just hanging around the house on memorial day. Here's some recipes for anything you decide! Just click the pic to take you straight to the recipe, most of them are from Picky Palate, a recipe hotspot I happen to love.

The Cowboy Burger

BBQ Chicken Sliders

Feta sun dried tomato Turkey Burger Sliders

Southwest Chicken Chili Mac

Hot Ham and Cheese Butter dijon skillet sandwhich

May 23, 2012

Holy mother of bras!

Alright ya'll I am actually excited to write this post! Today I had 8 hours of training to help me become a certified bra fitter, yes there is such training ladies. I have already received almost a month of previous training on top of that! But I will tell you Victoria Secret doesn't have sh*t on us (excuse my french) when it comes to doing an accurate fit. I got measured today by the district manager where I work and it honestly made my day. I have had the wrong size bra on for probably, lets see (my whole life I'm guessing.) My bras never fit 100% correctly and I always have problems finding my size (32DDD was what I had been wearing.) Turns out I'm a 30G, wowzers I know. But now that I know all the "fit points" I will never go back to wearing the wrong size bra and being uncomfortable everyday, it is just ridiculous. 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size, that is crazy but true. Go get fit ladies! But until then let's go over some general bra rules, to help you in your quest for your perfect bra!

1. Bridge lays flat against the chest wall and separates the breasts.
2. Wire frames the breast completely so it's behind the breast tissue, under the arm, and you feel rib cage when you press on the tip of the wire.
3. When you raise your arms above her head, the bra should not move or gap in the front.
4. Band on the bra should be on the loosest hook straight across the back and should not bend up.
5. Straps should fit comfortably with a thumb lengths of room (In most cases strap lengths will not be adjusted identically.)

May 20, 2012

Tattoo concealer that works for $6.00?

Thats right ladies, a tattoo concealer that actually works for an affordable price.

Hard Candy Glam Concealer Light 312

Not to mention it doubles as a heavy duty concealer. I love this product! I used it when I had my new bridal portrait's done, to cover my shoulder, and finger tattoos. I now use it daily to cover the dark circles under my eyes. I really recommend trying this product. Try it out and you'll love it!

Hope everyone has a great week!

May 17, 2012

And sometimes doggies go to heaven.

Hey ya'll, on Monday I got the news Joker didn't make it. (I was going to adopt him from the local animal shelter, but he passed away from parvo.) It was very sad, and the fact that parvo is very contagious made me extremely nervous to adopt a different animal, I didn't want to go through the same ordeal. I actually ended up turning to craigslist. A website a few of my friends got there pets from. Two days ago me and my mom made the long drive to Booneville, N.C. Which was actually really quaint and pretty. We went to see some kittens I saw on the website. We ended up getting two, one calico and one grey. The calico (girl) is named Daisy and I named the grey one (boy) Smokey. They are super cute and very playful. They still aren't use to being handled 100% and are slightly scared of anything new so I figured I would wait until next week before snapping some pics.

May 5, 2012

We heart it

End of story.

We heart it is pretty much like Pinterest with a little more edge and a lot more cute

Just look at how it appears on your browser

Just adorable...Check it out and check out my heart here

May 1, 2012

It's that time!!

Bathing suit time

I love searching for  the perfect bathing suit for the season. I normally order one online, this year will be no exception. Even with my new retail job 25% off a $200 Betsey Johnson bikini, is still a bit much for me! Even though they are super cute...

Here's a few adorable and a bit more affordable suits I found while searching online today.

Snakeskin Bikini set from Flirt Catalog (Online) $48.00

Yellow Ruffles from Ami Clubwear $37.99

Floral Ruffle from Victoria Secret Price: $39.00

Preacher Stone

So last night we went to One Mor bar and Grill
to see Preacher Stone play
(They have had music featured on Son's Of Anarchy)
My dad totally loves this band 
As do I
 we had a great time
the highlight of the night 
was definitely getting to see my dad get up
and sing with the lead singer
Thanks Preacher Stone for making my dad's night!
Wanna check out their music out click here