Jul 31, 2011

Good Friends

O yess we all have them! You know the people you can really talk to, and will always be there. The people that give you advice on everything. The people that believe in you, and encourage you to do great things.Who knows maybe you race to Baskin Robbins togeather before they close, work for them even though you want to kill them, let them pick your outfit, wish they didn't pick your outfit, lived togeather, pull pranks togeather, drink togeather, run out of Greene St. togeather, do a boudoir shoot together, have a front porch incident after your Bachelorette party, attend their Bachelorette party, eat at Ihop, meet at Uptown Cheapskate in the a.m., give each other stupid nicknames, write on their wall, sneak out when you were in high school, thought ya'll were the ish in high school, color your hair, cut your hair, do your makeup, dance with, go swimming with, maybe read their blog, work out togeather, watch their kids, laugh at your jokes, who knows maybe they were bridesmaids in your wedding, maybe not tho, sometimes friends come unexpected, but know matter how you meet hopefully they'll be around for along time. But everyone has them, and no matter who you are, you need them.

Mrs.Vest XoXo

Jul 29, 2011

Hot Damn!

Well seems like an extremely good day for me just checked my stats, seems that i'm getting a bit more popular! Well the reason for my good mood other than the stats?? Well many of you might just not know this, but I was a model for about four years. So who thought that about three years after my retire I would find myself on a business card? Let me tell you...Definately not me! But I was very happy to see myself on Melissa Sheets, Real Life Photography business card...(Well soon to be business card!)

Jul 27, 2011

Back Into The Boudoir...Again??

 Before I was married, I did a little something extra for my husband. A sexy boudoir shoot. Now I just might get the chance to do another. Why Boudoir ladies? Better question, why not? Boudoir is a great idea for any young bride, or bride of any age really. It's also a great wedding present, why not give the bride a sexy photoshoot, she'll love it! It makes you feel amazing, empowered and absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the obvious perks it gives your husband, remind him just how sexy you can be! It definitely helps to have an amazing photographer, one who also makes you feel comfortable. I myself have found an amazing photographer Melissa Sheets, she is located in Lexington, N.C. at Real Life Photography. She is a truly amazing photographer and I look forward to working with her again.

This is just an example I found online, hopefully I can post Melissa's work soon!
Me && example of Melissa's Wedding Photography

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties can definately get a little crazy, and this one was no exception. Multiple locations are always a good idea, unless you end up drinking at every location and end up beyond trashed at the last. But as long as it's not a frequent event, I guess it's still not that bad as long as you had fun! I mean come on ladies how many bachelorette parties will you attend during your life anyways? Make it count, have a blast.





Jul 15, 2011

Tigger's new obsession

Well I am starting to realize Tigger is in love my new laptop screen he has stared at it everytime i've logged on. If I didn't know better I would wonder if he was being hypnotized. He does alot of strange things, walking sideways, sleeping in the sink, playing in his water bowl, watching my husbands full FIFA Soccer game without moving, hiding in empty beer boxes. But most recently he has been sitting on the toilet unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper, until it is all on the floor. Its a good thing I love him.

He's so cute

Jul 14, 2011

Diva to Domestic

Well I think we've all seen "The Real Housewives" series, personally I find it kind of addicting. With tons of money I guess anything is possible. The striking appearance of a supermodel, shopping trips daily, time for kids, and yet still having a home looking like a maid just walked out the door. Trust me, I'm not hating! I wish that was me, but for most of us, it isn't. As a twenty-one year old hello-kitty crazed waitress/blogger being a domestic housewife is not easy. But I'm learning as I go. The lecturing I get from my husband is starting to sink in. I need to get domestic and I need to get domestic quick. So I actually opened a cookbook, and read more than one page. Shockingly this doesn't seem to be impossible anymore. Now don't get me wrong, I can cook some things spaghetti, chicken, spaghetti, chicken. Oh yes and my personal favorite "Bertolli" frozen dinners. OK so I'm not Rachel Ray, But for $19.99 I can buy her cookbook and I can hop on the domestic bandwaggon, and that is exactly what I'm going to do.So maybe I can't cook yet. But hey, I clean. Sometimes, but who really wants to clean? No one wants to clean people. But it's a wifely duty, and if your a wife or a girlfriend, fiance, your expected to do these things. We're expected to go from divas to domestic goddesses. Yes I made it sound glamorous, but it should be. So let's make domestic fun. Let's get little apron's, pink cleaning gloves, high heels, yes high heels to clean. Why not? Make being domestic glamorous! Why go from diva to domestic, do both! Below is a a few things to get you started.
Amazon.com-Gloveables Pink Lace Rubber Cleaning Gloves, $12.99
Gloveables Pink Lace Rubber Cleaning Gloves
Costumes4less.com-Sexy Maid Dress Costume (Including feather duster), $40.00
 Sexy Maid Dress Costume
Walmart-Cooking Basics For Dummies [Book], $16.00
Cooking Basics For Dummies [Book]

Jul 8, 2011

Charleston &&Hearts

Wow talk about a beautiful city. Absolutely loved it...great nightlife, and shopping!

Random Gate


Camera after Haunted Jail tour...flash wouldn't take CREEPY

Huge bridge

Pineapple Fountain???
Market St. Saloon...and no I did not get on the bar!!!

Jujus new painting she knows nothing about

My favorite picture from the beach!! Lucky for me my grandmother is an extremely talented artist. Can't wait for her to turn this into a beautiful painting. It will be perfect for my beach inspired condo, (Will post the results) In the meantime guess i'm just showing off my photography skills!