Aug 31, 2011

The Ole' Days

I was just on facebook catching up
with my old roomate
  I've got to tell ya'll she is
FREAKING amazing
And gorgeous too rite??
Anyways how did I go from a semi. crappy apartment
with an awesome roommate to here??
Ok so what happened when we lived togeather??
Well truth is we had a blast/crazy times/very sad times
REALLY ya'll have NO idea!!
As a blogger I think you should be honest with your writing
So here it is
My past, our past...
We stayed at my moms for a few weeks while
I got the money togeather for our
security deposit
We made frequent WALMART trips at 2a.m.
Cookie Dough monsters??Ya that was us, Wal-mart shouldve seriously locked up the cookie dough
And not to mention Chocolate&&Strawberries
 Can you say,"OBSESSION"
Probably gained weight from all that haha
We called downstairs at my moms "Club Garage"
We would turn the music up && dance to Get Low&&stuff like that!!
HAHA "YEAH...we were super cool"
Next we started paying the deposits for our apartment, got furniture&&moved in
I met someone
Shannon??Hated him!
We also had ''Billy" at our apartment
Who was Billy??..OMG guys..He was a ghost
No really we had a ghost!! We are pretty sure about this..
We pranked people ALOT
People at work, friends, boyfriends, neighbors, you name em' we pranked em'
Toilet papering your car, && mayo under the door handle were our signatures!!
Funny moment "Shannon" coming home to ALL of her shoes in the floor
because I threw all of them trying to kill a grasshopper in the kitchen!!
I HATE grasshoppers
I caught the stove on fire "OOPS"
We went to our neighbors alot Jared&Jonesey&Travis's
They were our fashion judges...SERIOUSLY...If we looked bad they told us
Shannon's boytoy/male friend/whatever he was..haha.. called me
"Sunshine" ALOT..
I hated that!! Thats NOT my freaking name
Guys at the time didn't get along either..AT ALL actually...
Flag football rivals.. "seriously"
Another funny moment, Shannon scaring me by the laundry room...which was out back
A little room, about 30 ft. from our apartment
It suspicously looked like it could've been a murder scence location, from a scary movie
"Shannon stood around the corner and jumped out at me making me drop my hamper" lol
Fun times stopped for a bit
I went through something extremely shitty
Which made me re-evaluate EVERYTHING at the time
Luckily Shannon was there
Anyways, We tanned ALOT..we spent hours getting ready
"Greene St. Club in Greensboro? Oh yea we were there!"
"Had a nice JERSEY SHORE night outside of there once...or twice?!"
We made a "few" trips to "Wild Wing Cafe" where I use to work
Halloween was fun, best job ever!!
(I was a Hostess)
But hey all that drama/crazy/fun times got me here right??
"Yep", I think that's a pretty good summary of our past...and what got me here today

...God Blessed the Broken Road...

Aug 30, 2011

Hello-Kitty at Sephora

Hello-Kitty is now at Sephora!
I was at the mall today and stumbled upon all these cute new items...
There goes my bank account
Heres a few of my faves...

Aug 28, 2011

Get to know em' Sunday

Yep this is my bro...
The bro I grew up with my whole life,
The bro that I wanted to kill alot of the time
The bro that is GREAT at so many things
Slight genius, you know the one that makes you roll your eyes
NEVER has to study
Everyone loves him
<3 Him
Yep, that's Dalton

He is not a Sheriff haha
Not sure why he's in the car, but I like this pic.
This is my 1/2 bro, we met about 3 months ago
for the 1st time EVER 
Since we have continued to get to know each other
So far that i've learned
He can fix alot of things
He's funny
He's country just like me
We have the same fave dog "boxers"
I have alot more to learn...but I'm glad I found him
And look forward to getting to know lots more...

Hey guys...
thanks for reading this post
I was just sitting here wandering
who the FREAK reads my blog??
So if you just read this
Leave a comment
Leave a little something about who you are!!

Look forward to reading them....

Gel Nails

I love these!
They are awesome, apparently I'm the last to try
EVERYTHINGThis was my first time getting the "Gel"
So far they've lasted about 2 weeks with NO chips
Being a waitress normally my nails have chips within two days!
I've never had fake nails because my thumb is HUGE

Mine is EXACTLY like hers, Makes me feel better that I'm NOT alone!

I was always scared to call more attention to it with fake nails
So these are great for me
They don't damage your nails, and they last forever
If you haven't tried them
Definitely think about it next time your at the Nail Salon

Aug 27, 2011

Hello Mrs.Irene

Ok guys...I am not a weather-woman
so this is going to be some good ol'

Gotta Watch: Hurricane Irene
Mrs. Irene

The latest from CNN.COM

Hurricane Irene barged up the East Coast on Saturday, an uninvited guest that knocked power out to more than a million homes and businesses, forced more than a million people off the New Jersey shore alone and caused at least nine deaths.
While Irene weakened somewhat after it came ashore early Saturday near Cape Lookout, North Carolina, it remained a Category 1 hurricane. Its large size carried hurricane-force winds dozens of miles from its center. And the National Hurricane Center said it would likely remain one until it makes landfall again in New England sometime Sunday afternoon.
Emergency officials pleaded with stubborn residents to evacuate, warning that heavy rains and a storm surge of 4 to 8 feet could cause widespread flooding of low-lying areas and pose untold dangers to residents from Virginia to New England.
"This is a storm where, if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can be fatal," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned.
By Saturday evening, five people were reported dead in North Carolina due to the storm, police and emergency officials said. That includes two who died in separate accidents when trees fell on their cars. Two cars crashed going though an intersection in Goldsboro where the traffic lights had failed, leading to the death of a child, and a driver died in Pitt County after losing control in standing water and hitting a tree.
Three died because of falling trees in Virginia, including a man who was in a Chesterfield County residence around 3 p.m. Saturday, according to the county. In addition, a 55-year-old male surfer died around noon in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, said Capt. Tamara Marris, a spokeswoman for the Volusia County Beach Patrol.

Ok so whats going on in New York???
Don't worry!!! Got the the"copy&&paste scoop" on that too!

 New York ordered the unprecedented evacuation of 370,000 people from low-lying areas on Friday-- even residents who aren't being ordered to leave could face an arduous few days following Irene's tour of the city.
The city's transit system, shut down Saturday, may not be fully running again until Monday at the earliest, high-rise buildings are being instructed to turn off elevators and utility ConEd may have to cut power to Manhattan, Bloomberg said.
Amtrak canceled its northeast routes on Sunday, and airlines scratched thousands of flights. Airports in Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Boston all planned to suspend operations for at least some part of the weekend.
President Barack Obama continued to closely monitor the storm, according to White House officials. He toured FEMA's operations center Saturday morning. Meanwhile, defense officials told 6,500 service members to prepare to deploy to storm-ravaged regions should state officials need them.
The Red Cross sheltered 13,000 people in 150 shelters Friday night, President Gail McGovern said. More than two-thirds of the nonprofit's emergency response vehicles had deployed to the East Coast, she said.
"We're now in the middle of what could be one of the largest responses that the Red Cross operations has had in recent memory," she said.

Hope you enjoyed the CNN scoop and the kickass video

Aug 26, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2

I am absolutely in LOVE with this show
 NEVER missed an episode last season
And definitely don't plan too this one either
If you've missed this show, catch up
It's really a gripping series, you will NOT be
Check it out, New season will be out in October

A look at Season 1
(If you missed it)

A look at Season 2
In LOVE Already

COMMENTS?? Go ahead! I love comments<3

Latest Shoot UN-EDITED

These are from my latest shoot, a few of my favorites + one of Kyles+one of Amandas
These were all taken by Model Mayhem #526756
This shoot was great!
But now...I'm looking forward to a new upcoming shoot
 (I have a few swimsuit ones coming up)
BUT the one i'm looking forward to the most??
Me&&Kyles (Yep!!) We won a free Couples session from over at
SO excited, looking forward to some great shot's!

Kyle loved The Taken Bracelet haha

<3 My legs (Been working out ALOT more)

Thought this was funny/cute

BFF liked this one

Think this is my fave<3

Aug 25, 2011

Creamy Alfredo

Thanks to the BFF Amanda me&&Kyle enjoyed a great dinner last night. We pulled togeather a few ingredients from each of our pantry's, and ended up with a great tasting meal.
FUNNY COMMENT of the night: "Guess this is what poligamy feels like"
Too funny
ANYWAYS heres the finished product.

Might not look great, but it really was!
2 bottle's of Classico
1 Sundried Alfredo
1 Creamy Alfredo
Tyson Chicken (Ours was pre-cut)
1 sweet onion
Sundried red pepper

Mix it all togeather...REAL easy!

Aug 23, 2011

Ariel Perez Photography

"Oh Yeah", MyrtleBeach "Yeah", Jersey Shore overload? Haha Maybe
Anyways I had a great shoot this past weekend while on my Vaca. to Myrtle Beach S.C.
Big props to my friend Brooke for Staying up super late to do my hair
AND waking up before the Rooster Crows to do my make-up!
(Turned out Perfect)

Heres a quick video of a few of my favorite shots

Create your own video slideshow at

Everyone + Ariel after a great shoot
Anyway's these are the amazing models I was lucky enough to work with
Sunday + Ariel Perez (He is GREAT)
Jordn +CC +Me


So Me&&Tigger were just sitting here and felt an e a r t h q u a k e!! Winston-Salem? Earthquake? Yea, CRAZY! A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit in Virginia and was felt as far North as Toronto,Canada and as far south as Atlanta, Georgia! Then, I just got off the phone with Kyle and he has been evacuated from work (He works in Greensboro) Too crazy!!!

Aug 22, 2011

Beach Trip Success

So we had a BLAST at Myrtle Beach S.C. If you havn't been there you are truly missing out.
Here's a quick summary of our trip::
Speedy Drive there ;)
New Friends <3
Beautiful Bride

Fun times at a "you might see your grandpa bar"
Kept friends from stumbling into traffic "Some" injuries still made
Swam in the Ocean
Hit-up local Mall and some Cute shops
18 billion hour Wal-Mart trip
Myrtlewood Villas <3 Except when air broke :(
Overall Successful && fun VACA.
Photo-Shoot By Ariel Perez Photography <3 Yep that's Yours Truly

Aug 17, 2011

Myrtle Beach Bachelorette Party "By Courtney"

Alright guy's it is blog swap fun...This is Courtney's guest post from over at Check her out she has an awesome blog!!

Is there anything that says summer more than a trip the the beach? I think not. As I was preparing a summer story for this blog swap I headed over to visit my partner's site, Confessions of a Young Wife, and couldn't believe that not only was she an NC girl (Hollla!) she was also headed to the beach I just returned from! I'd like to consider this a pre-post to her potential post-Myrtle wrap-up. The only difference between my post and the potential post from Ashton -- I was in Myrtle Beach for my best friend's bachelorette party.

When my girls and I got to our beachfront hotel on Friday afternoon after a sudden summer downpour we decided we needed to load up on supplies for our weekend extravaganza. We headed to the liquor store (duh) and the Bi-Lo (yay!) to get everything girls will need for a weekend of partying -- pre mixed margaritas and PB&J sandwich supplies! 

After shopping, the bride was ready to get dinner and head out to the karaoke bar as soon as possible. I can't believe how much fun it is just to WATCH people sing karaoke, although I'm still disappointed they never called me and one of my girls up for our song -- "Push It" by Salt & Pepa. The evening ended with all of us laughing hysterically as the bride tried to break open her bachelorette party pinata. I'm pretty sure we didn't even fill it with anything.

The next day we headed to the beach where we shared more laughs and memories (and a few odd sunburns). We had mexican food at a place called Burro Loco, which I highly recommend, and then went shopping before we headed back out to the karaoke bar. Somehow we managed to meet the same people that we saw there the night before. Of course we also found out they lived in same city as us. It's such a small world. Oh and did I mention, we had our friend Bill, the limo-taxi driver take us back to the hotel in a white stretch limo. We are so baller!

Sunday was the end of the fun so we headed out the beach one last time. We grabbed a bite to eat and did some last minute shopping before making the trek back home. When we got back to the bride's house and separated out a trunk full of luggage into everyone's cars we hugged in the parking lot.

Now it's like we'll never see each other again, in fact I hang out with those ladies pretty regularly, but this weekend was special. It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one -- hopefully an even better one. Our friend will be a Mrs. soon. She is starting a new life and a family with someone she loves. She isn't the first to get married and she won't be the last, but her wedding is more than just a union, it's a symbol that we are all growing up. And through all the laughter and fun of the bachelorette beach weekend I learned the best part about growing up is all the memories you make along the way.

(Courtney's On The Left)+(Bride's On the Right)=Fun Times
   Like her style?? Check her out over at

Aug 14, 2011

Sleeping Husband=Bad Company

So this was a super boring Saturday night! Kyle fell asleep so early, so i've just been sitting here doing a whole lotta nothing! So seeing that it is "techniquely" Sunday guess it's that time...Get to know em' Sunday!

Barbara Brandel AKA Juju AKA my Grandma , an Ohio native with big town dreams. A self proclaimed artist by age four.  Never having lesson's until attending Ohio States Art program, in which she took her "love" to another level.  You can see the passion in her work, and it has reflected to great heights in her career. Being a feature artist at Walt Disney world for the premiere of 101 Dalmations early in her career was a proud moment for this artist, one she will remember always. Since, she has been creating murals, paintings and now she is happy to announce the launch of her new jewelry line ArtWorX by barbara. Oh yeah and she's a kick ass grandma! (P.S. She's also the one that forgot my last name...if you missed that story refer back to the post "SERIOUSLY?!THURSDAY?!"(Number 8) catch up!)

Aug 11, 2011


This is a link-up provided by Becky over at "Mrs. to Mama"

What made YOU go Seriously?! This week.

1. Gunna have to agree with Becky on what was Farrah thinking trying to get her dog to go potty in the toilet?? Really guys?

2. I'm a waitress. Yep that's it for that one..This is a weekly one..every week I think "I'm a waitress...seriously?" After 5 years anyone would think the same!

3. Tigger sleeping in the sink

4. I actually watched "South Park" with Kyle

4. Tigger fell in the toilet

5. I ate seaweed salad

6. I am addicted to "The Challenge:Rivals" and C.T.

7. Granny asked me "Why do you have your hat off?," She thinks I should wear it daily.

8. Juju "other granny" Saw my Facebook,asked,"Who is that?", I said "Me??" Then she said "Oh, now I know your last name" (I've been married for four months now) She apparantly has never known me or my husbands last name!

9. I have decided to be sober...for our entire beach trip.

10. I am writing this post at 1:30 a.m.

Thompson Square Love

I absolutely love this song! Me and my husbands "first dance" was to their hit "Are You Gunna Kiss Me Or Not," so I clearly think this band is amazing and turn up the radio everytime I hear them. But this song especially is just so catchy, and fun, I adore it!!! Hope ya'll enjoy<3

Aug 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach&&Other Stuff

Well I guess I'll start with "the other stuff."  Well there are a few things I am super excited about, the first being my new involvement with marketing and advertisement primarily "Boudoir", and "Weddings" at Real Life Photography. I am so excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to see Melissa's business grow. As I get to know her better I think more and more of her. Her work is so amazing, she is already a successful photographer, but I think within a few years she could easily be a national photographer who knows maybe international! Check out her work at
Another reason I'm smiling? Well in about 8 days I will be saying "Hello Myrtle Beach!!!!" I just added another day to our VACA. So now we'll have plenty of time to check everything out, and hang out with friends. So ready for the beach and a break from waitressing!

Aug 9, 2011

Looking like a good week...

I am totally psyched about my new template, I love it! Also I have officially nine days till me and Kyle head for the beach. I could definitely use a mini VACA. Been going to the gym, and getting things accomplished lately. Isn't that a great feeling when your being productive? Have a great week ya'll!

Aug 8, 2011

Great Day!!

Well I got up early this morning headed to the gym to do some bun blasting then I cleaned up a bit. After that I headed to Melissa's for a few hours of editing (my boudoir session.) The pictures turned out absolutely beautiful! Luckily there is a couple pictures I feel that my husband would approve to be posted.

From the boudoir session

At Melissa's, showing that boudoir doesn't always have to be revealing

Aug 7, 2011

Get to know em' Sunday

This will be a new reoccurring post presented on Sunday for you to get to know the people in my life.

(On the left) Blogger, waitress, wife, lover of all things black/any animal/and the mountains/anything outside

(In the middle) OMG FUNNY, fashionista, student, bff, lover of fashion/fun/and flower clips

(On the right) Beauty School Student, mother to Haylee, laid back, funny, hard worker School+baby+work=Crazy admiration

Super annoyed

Smitten Blog Designs = VERY bad idea.  Well I was extremely excited about getting a new template for my blog, unfortunately after I purchased my template an error code came up and now I have no way to receive what I paid for : ( Luckily they were not very expensive! Now i'm going to look for a new template, on a site that will not screw me over!!

Aug 3, 2011

Rocking the....kudzu??

Very Small Sneak Peek
OK, so I'm sure your thinking, what the heck is she talking about right?? Don't worry if I saw someones blog and they were writing a post about kudzu, I would probably think they were one fry short of a happy meal. But luckily, you don't have to worry this post is actually semi about kudzu, the annoying little vine that could have all sorts of bugs and snakes in it. I will move onto the rest of the story/session. Yesterday I had a boudoir photoshoot. We started by climbing the fire escape in a neighboring building for some amazing pictures. To be honest, I myself was scared to death on the fire escape and promptly wanted down. We also tracked through a cornfield, where giant spiders could have been hiding around any stalk. Then I braved the opening of a suspicious looking tree for a few more pictures. Also me and Melissa decided to stand in the center of the road for a few shots.Lucky for us, no crazy bug/spider/car/snake encounters were made, just beautiful pictures.