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My new home

Isn't so bad
 let me start off by saying
 these pics were taken less than five minutes from the house 
It's definitely beautiful here 
...and it helps to take the edge off missing everyone back home
 I have made a few friends at work 
or at least
I kinda, sorta 
talk to people
which is impressive for me

Umm..only current bad?
The house is small, now that I'm here
But we will be upgrading soon, and I will have more space
thank gah 
ohhh and we have a Charlie brown christmas tree

This looks similar for sure

Hope everyones having a great week...

Anyone else glad tomorrow is Friday?

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12 lovely little thoughts

  1. The pictures are awesome!! :) I am beyond excited that tomorrow is Friday.

  2. I am happy you are making new friends, and the location is great :)

    Mmm, Friday is here too soon

  3. You have a beach less than five minutes from your house? I am jealous! :)

    1. :) I know right? I have always wanted to move to the beach, now I am so grateful! lol It's definitely nice. Love your blog.

  4. Really nice and pretty pictures! :)


  5. These pictures are so pretty, what a beautiful view! Also, who doesn't love a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. :)

  6. I lived in Orlando for a while and I hated it! I always wished I was closer to the beach so I spent nearly ever weekend in Cocoa Beach, which I loved! I missed rainy days though. Darn those random spurts of rain that teased me the entire time I was in Florida. Seriously, it will be perfectly sunny and then five minutes later BAM! It's a downpour, but 10 minutes later its back to being sunny but now its also incredibly humid and sticky! I don't understand!!!!!!

    1. I understand that, I would hate having to drive far to the beach! OH and I definitely agree about the rain, I thought it was so weird :)

  7. Anonymous12/09/2012

    I like your outfit!


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