Back from being M.I.A.

By 6:28 PM

Ok so what the heck am I going to write about
HmMmm...well lets see
I guess we can start with what I've been up to
Well work, work, no work, modeling and new job searching
Oh yes and an occasional date
For the first time ever
Yours truly is
actually getting to know someone
Instead of moving in with them first
But seriously I'm going with the less cray route
I did a really fun photo-shoot a few days ago
I worked with an awesome photographer Jen
I had a great time at the shoot
 it was a very Rock and Roll atmosphere
can't wait to show ya'll the shots
Jen was awesome, and I recommend her to anyone looking
for some beautiful pictures in the Sarasota area
Find her here
In other news
The job search is going good
Interview on Wednesday for an admin. position
and I have a few more prospects
So that's good
Family was down for Christmas
My mom left today to go back to N.C.
While she was here she bought me this
A Green Opal Gem
It is beneficial for cleansing and rejuvenating.
 Promotes emotional recovery. Aides in relationships.
Stone of inspiration, enhances imagination and creativity.
So heck to the ya on that
I'm pretty superstitious so I like things like that
My purple hair is holding up well
So yay for minimum fading
Alright ya'll hope everyone has a great weekend!
Date tonight wish me lots of fun...

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3 lovely little thoughts

  1. Have fun on your date tonight!! :)

  2. Looks like things are going really well Ashton. Best of luck on your date :)

  3. nice post and cute blog


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