Nov 21, 2013

My winter must-haves

What are yours?

Back in the bloggy world

Yay, for new exciting things to blog about 
I've been on a blogging hiatus for quite a while
and I am so happy to be back into the
bloggy world
I've missed reading and connecting with so many of you!
"YAY" for bloggy friends and 
"YAY" for being back
I've been hard at work on 
a total blog make-over for
a couple days now
I finally finished the "new" look
What do ya'll think?
I love to hear everyone's opinions

Well I will say this post is really just an icebreaker 
seeing that it's super late and I'm exhausted
 just a real quick look at what's coming this week in my bloggy world
Seeing that I'm preggo their will be some baby/pregnancy
 posts to come super soon

and I am heading to Florida
for a week and a half on Friday
So from pregnancy posts to vaca. posts 
stay tuned ya'll there's plenty more to come soon
hope everyone's having a great week

Mar 28, 2013

Whew it's cold

Alrighty ya'll I know my readers are from all over the country 
so I'm sure a ton of us are experiencing an unlikely cold spring
but dang am I tired of it! It was 80 in Fl. the day I moved back
All my clothes are for the warm weather, with the exception of a few sweatshirts 
So come on Spring, lets get started! 
Oh my, how I'm ready for beach weather again
Anyone else ready??
In other news, not sure why, but I've only seen my best friend once since being back
about a month now, I'm sure we will catch up soon though
Spring and Summer normally brings us togeather with lake time and suntanning
I'm looking forward to dog parks, hiking, and perfect vineyard afternoons
yes I know 23 going on 50 right? oh well, hehe so ready!!
I am starting my application for Wake Forest tomorrow for summer classes
Even though I already know I'm in, I am still relatively nervous about this new path
Wake is a prominent school, and I'm sure I will face many challenges throughout the next year
Hopefully all goes well.
I just realized I never did say what happened to J* (Joey) 
Basically it just didn't work. We broke up two months ago, I guess I had N.C. in the back of my head we are still friends though and I even got the pleasure of speaking to his adorable son on the phone a few weeks ago when I arrived to N.C. I wish them both the best of luck! 
Now as for me I had planned on taking a break from the Mr. Right search but who knows Mr. Right might have found me, I'll keep ya'll updated if anything unfolds. Lord knows this southern belle is ready for her prince charming! Well ya'll here's a recent pic, yours truly got extensions, what do ya'll think?

xoxo Ashton Belle

Mar 21, 2013

Sweet Home Carolina

 And I'm back...

      Well looks like I'm home again
and I believe I'll be staying this time
so what am I looking forward too?
well, seeing friends 
the lake
Pilot Mountain
good damn bbq
sweet tea
backwood parties
mason jar wine glasses
muscadine wine
awesome vineyards
horseback riding
and family

Jan 10, 2013

Is it winter?

Ok ya'll...down here in Florida I think, I kinda sorta forgot what winter is. No really, I'm originally from N.C. and I'm use to it being "pretty flipping" cold. My best friend has been snowboarding in the Appalachian mountains like every weekend. She's snowboarding and I've been laying out on the beach? Seems so crazy. It was crazy having a "hot" Christmas.

Lets compare.

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Clearwater Beach
A bit of a transition right?
 I hope everyone's having a great week, yay for Friday tomorrow right??

I just want to do a quick shout out to Keith over at
and Jen over at
They are too sweet, they always leave sweet comments on
my post's, and they both have absolutely awesome blogs!!
Thank ya'll for always making my day. I heart comments.
Go check them out lovelies.
Thanks to everyone that reads, comments, follows, or heck just glances,
at my piece of cyber space. You are all awesome.
Oh yes and fun fact: J* told me today "Just so you know blogging is called Asynchronous"
Did anyone actually know that??? I certainly didn't. J* is such a smarty pants isn't he?
Smart and sexy what a catch he is!

Jan 4, 2013

New Year, New life

Ok ya'll can I get a heck to the ya on it being a new year? I love it. Loving the new area and
change.I got a new job today "yay." I am now a wedding consultant, awesome?! Very excited about that. In other news, the guy that I am talking to J* is a little off what I'm normally with. Like not a complete a**. But really he is super sweet, smart, responsible, funny AND has a good sense of humor, he also puts his little one first which is somewhat untypical for what I have been around in my past. But how it should be right? So that's awesome. Also we have complete different accents so it's probably hilarious to hear us talk. I sound like a little pumpkin bumpkin and he is 100% yank. Haha He doesn't say car, he says caw, love it. Anyways that whole situation is going good, so yay for new possibilities there. What else do I have to talk about? Oh yes, I'm thinking...Do I even have a new years resolution? Don't think I do, I'm happy with where I'm at right now and am just going to try and keep this good positivity I have. Drive for success, positive attitude, and humor are just a few qualities I'm bringing in the new year with.

Ohh yes, anyone remember the Opal gem, my mom got me while she was down here?
Well how bout I put it in my bra band when I went to my interview.
What about ya'll? Any new years resolutions?! Happy Friday.

Jan 1, 2013

So it's new years eve....


Ok so, it's new years eve
If you would have asked me about three months ago
what I would be doing on New Years Eve
I would've said
Well I would start off the day by cleaning my charming
lake house with Candy my perfect step doggy
and then
for my boyfriend to get home like I did everyday
 my bff forever
and her boyfriend would be on the way
me and Amanda would probably cook one awesome
dinner and
then we might sit out by the lake or go out
either way I'm sure I would be indulging
in one awesome glass
of Childress Vineyard muscadine wine
and that would be that
but you know I would've been settling for something
that was never good enough
Now don't get me wrong I miss my best friend
dearly and would love to be kicked back at her condo
with Kai and Mickey
in N.C. but I am pretty happy here
in Florida three interviews this week
I'm modeling again
I am really liking getting to know a certain someone
and I get to see him tomorrow
on the first day of the new year
oh yeah and for the first time in along time
I'm taking some me time
to find myself
I live two minutes from the water
I'm eating more like a health nut
and staying relatively busy
Florida's definitely not to bad
SO ya I'm thinking this new year alternative is just fine
Here's to a flippin awesome new year
Lets go 2013