Back in the bloggy world

By 2:04 AM

Yay, for new exciting things to blog about 
I've been on a blogging hiatus for quite a while
and I am so happy to be back into the
bloggy world
I've missed reading and connecting with so many of you!
"YAY" for bloggy friends and 
"YAY" for being back
I've been hard at work on 
a total blog make-over for
a couple days now
I finally finished the "new" look
What do ya'll think?
I love to hear everyone's opinions

Well I will say this post is really just an icebreaker 
seeing that it's super late and I'm exhausted
 just a real quick look at what's coming this week in my bloggy world
Seeing that I'm preggo their will be some baby/pregnancy
 posts to come super soon

and I am heading to Florida
for a week and a half on Friday
So from pregnancy posts to vaca. posts 
stay tuned ya'll there's plenty more to come soon
hope everyone's having a great week

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5 lovely little thoughts

  1. I am so happy to see you back!!!!! :)

  2. cute blog, glad you're back in the game! can't wait to see florida posts--sounds nice and warm right now! XOXO

    the well-traveled wife ♥

  3. impressed that you did the blog design yourself! i am a strugg when it comes to design

  4. Your blog looks great! Love it xx

  5. Thanks for coming back! Now don't leave again. KThanksBye.


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