Apr 29, 2011

Thompson Square

Are you going to kiss me or not??? That was my husband and I's first dance at our wedding.

Love it

Last night we were lucky enough to get to see Thompson Square at Johnny&Junes! They are an amazing husband/wife duo and it is so cute how in love they seem to be...just adorable! We really had a great time!

Apr 25, 2011

It's A Boy

Well we officially have a name for our kitten..."Tigger," is the new addition to our family!

Apr 24, 2011

Our new kitten!

Well I am so excited to be sharing this post we just got our first kitten. It is so cute...We don't have a name quite yet, we're taking it to the vet this week we are not sure if it is a boy or girl! We do have name's for each though "Tigger" for a boy, "Ms.Kitty" for a girl. But one thing is for sure it is adorable either way!

First Bath

How Cute!


Lynn's Home

This blog is showcasing a good friend of mine Lynn's, beautiful home. I love her eclectic style. Her home showed me the little detail's really do make an overall style really come togeather.

Love It!


It's a bit sideway's :)

Who doesn't love wall art??

Yep we died some easter eggs!!
Hammy the Pig

HMmmM...My new pet??

Apr 23, 2011

One of Jujus Painting's

(Juju is my grandmother.) She is also a very talented artist, and jewelery designer. I love this piece..and last time I was over I couldn't resist snapping a picture to show to the world! This picture also shows off my new haircut... By Lizz Summey at Jelane's Hair Studio in Yadkinville, NC. She is amazing!

Apr 19, 2011

Kellie Pickler At The Wolfs Den

Well Leigh Ann is officially the best Sis&&Law ever for bringing me with her to the private show at The Wolf's den with  Kellie Pickler! We had so much fun...and I even got my wedding album signed by her! Here's some pics!



Apr 18, 2011

Best Book "A Million Little Pieces"

So anyone that hasn't read "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey is completely missing out. This is my favorite book of all time...and I seriously doubt I will be replacing it anytime soon! It is a truly gripping story that is utterly impossible to put down. Below is a review...

"A Million Little Pieces is a memoir of Frey's time in treatment, of his struggle with addiction. In a writing style that is as stark as the experiences it recalls, Frey walks his readers through the daily reality of his withdrawal from alcohol and crack-cocaine, among other substances. He subsequently leads us into his recovery from years of substance abuse.

While utterly rejecting the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Frey simultaneously embraces one of its key tenets: rigorous honesty. He renders his stay at Hazelden with glaring candor as he details his struggles with what might seem mundane challenges - challenges like eating lunch, or looking into his own eyes. His writing is almost stream-of-conscious as he forgoes using quotation marks in dialogue and capitalizes random nouns." Review from About.com

Kellie Pickler

Well tomorrow is going to be a great day Leigh Ann invited me to a meet & greet with Kellie Pickler!!
The Amazing Country Star!!
I mean come on who wouldn't want to meet her! <3 Her songs!! She is definitely an amazing artist... Post more tomorrow!!

Apr 11, 2011

Gizmo's missing giraffe

The picture above is Leigh Ann(Sis & Law) Me && Gizmo...while they were over his giraffe toy (That suspiciously looks to me like a baby toy) got left at the condo...it is his favorite toy and apparantly he misses it a bit...I find this funny that a puppy is attached to a  stuffed giraffe.

I was just informed this is the second giraffe he has had...the first was eaten by another dog...also funny :) OkokOk Maybe a little sad!

Apr 10, 2011

Everyone Likes Dessert

Well Leigh Ann got us a cookbook for our wedding present (Great Present) They have some really good Recipe's in here! The book is called Gooseberry Patch "Whats For Dinner?" (Fix it fast recipes) Which is awesome! I mean who has all night to spend in the kitchen??  Here's one that i'm planning to make this week.One being dessert...I mean come on who wouldn't want the recipe for a Chocolatey Chocolate Cake?

Chocolatey Chocolate Cake
Ingredients- 3 c. all purpose flour; 6 T. baking cocoa; 1 t. salt; 1 T. vinegar; 1 c. water; 2 c. sugar; 2 t. baking soda; 3/4 c. oil;2 t. vanilla extract; Garnish: 12- oz. can frosting

Combine all ingredients; mix well and spread in a 13'x9' greased and floured pan. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Frost with your favorite icing! (Makes 8 to 10 servings)

Apr 9, 2011

Chili's Experience

Well we just got back from Chili's...at Amanda's now "blogging." Well Chili's wasn't so bad tonight...we only had to wait 30 minutes (Not horrible for a Saturday night and one hot waitress!)
This is Brittany our waitress from tonight who also happened to be a bridesmaid at my wedding!

Well we started off with The Triple Dipper (Which i might add is alot of food!) Kyle ate the Southwestern Eggrolls which I didn't try mainly because I have a fear of tasting new things...and they looked weird :) He also ate the Boneless wings which I thought were good but very spicy! I loved the Chicken crispers and will definately get them again! For our meal I played it safe with my usual turkey sandwhich...Kyle stepped outside the box with his choice of Chicken Club Tacos! He said they were good! Overall i'd rate our Chili's experience a 10++. Definately visit Chili's on Hanes Mall Blvd. and dont forget to ask for the prettiest waitress there my friend Brittany.

One more random pic from tonight...Kyle doesn't like pictures :(

Apr 8, 2011

Photo Booth Session :)

Me Kyle His Sis && Her Hubby