Chili's Experience

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Well we just got back from Chili' Amanda's now "blogging." Well Chili's wasn't so bad tonight...we only had to wait 30 minutes (Not horrible for a Saturday night and one hot waitress!)
This is Brittany our waitress from tonight who also happened to be a bridesmaid at my wedding!

Well we started off with The Triple Dipper (Which i might add is alot of food!) Kyle ate the Southwestern Eggrolls which I didn't try mainly because I have a fear of tasting new things...and they looked weird :) He also ate the Boneless wings which I thought were good but very spicy! I loved the Chicken crispers and will definately get them again! For our meal I played it safe with my usual turkey sandwhich...Kyle stepped outside the box with his choice of Chicken Club Tacos! He said they were good! Overall i'd rate our Chili's experience a 10++. Definately visit Chili's on Hanes Mall Blvd. and dont forget to ask for the prettiest waitress there my friend Brittany.

One more random pic from tonight...Kyle doesn't like pictures :(

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