Whew it's cold

By 2:23 AM

Alrighty ya'll I know my readers are from all over the country 
so I'm sure a ton of us are experiencing an unlikely cold spring
but dang am I tired of it! It was 80 in Fl. the day I moved back
All my clothes are for the warm weather, with the exception of a few sweatshirts 
So come on Spring, lets get started! 
Oh my, how I'm ready for beach weather again
Anyone else ready??
In other news, not sure why, but I've only seen my best friend once since being back
about a month now, I'm sure we will catch up soon though
Spring and Summer normally brings us togeather with lake time and suntanning
I'm looking forward to dog parks, hiking, and perfect vineyard afternoons
yes I know 23 going on 50 right? oh well, hehe so ready!!
I am starting my application for Wake Forest tomorrow for summer classes
Even though I already know I'm in, I am still relatively nervous about this new path
Wake is a prominent school, and I'm sure I will face many challenges throughout the next year
Hopefully all goes well.
I just realized I never did say what happened to J* (Joey) 
Basically it just didn't work. We broke up two months ago, I guess I had N.C. in the back of my head we are still friends though and I even got the pleasure of speaking to his adorable son on the phone a few weeks ago when I arrived to N.C. I wish them both the best of luck! 
Now as for me I had planned on taking a break from the Mr. Right search but who knows Mr. Right might have found me, I'll keep ya'll updated if anything unfolds. Lord knows this southern belle is ready for her prince charming! Well ya'll here's a recent pic, yours truly got extensions, what do ya'll think?

xoxo Ashton Belle

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7 lovely little thoughts

  1. Hey Girl, good luck at Wake Forest. I live in Wilmington. Maybe I'll see ya at the beach this summer?

  2. So good to see you back on here Ashton! We've missed you. Congrats on becoming a Deamon Deacon :)

  3. Yeah need beach and no more friggin snow. Good luck with your search.

  4. Go back to the beach haha! :)

  5. Girl, its snowing here. So yep, I'm on that band wagon with ya...Ready for summer....Now. haha.

    Mr Right will find you...The way I keep reminding myself, "Prince Charming never came a moment too soon, or a moment too late. He was always on time. There right when the 'damsel in distress' needed him most." :)


  6. Mmmmmhmmm. You can say that again. Cold, cold, cold! Even out here in northern California the air's been more than nippy.
    Darling blog, by the way. Hope to see more posts soon!
    Take care.

    The Lost Caravan

  7. It's finally warming up some here in Alabama. Good luck, summer is just around the corner.


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