Help me name my car...

By 11:20 PM

Ok soOooo...
I was just on Mapquest 
looking to see how far Sarasota is...
when it said 
Est. fuel cost 
I thought hmmMm...Good idea Mapquest !!!
Don't mind if I do...
find out precisely 
how much it will cost me
to get there
you little genius you...
Then it has you enter
City/Hwy mileage
has you
"Name your car"
Well I have to be original right?
I mean how lame would it be to simply put
"My car"
like the example told you to do 
No, no Mapquest 
I drive a Fiat

I must come up with a fantastic name for it
Here is what I was thinking:
(Like the cute little fish from Nemo)
(Because it's super cute)
(Because Charlie Sheen is on the commercial duhhh)

And here's what my friend D* was thinking
oh and dare I say friend?
Yes your's truly is finally making some...

 (as in Norris)
(Just because)

Ok guys what are ya'll thinking??

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11 lovely little thoughts

  1. Anonymous12/08/2012

    I like the name BELLA! Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to read more of your post :)


  2. I vote for Sabrina. Charlie is good to, though.

    Cool blog, btw. Following!

  3. Yes, you totally have to choose a good name for your car. Mine is called Meribel. I like Charlie for yours, does depend on the colour though.

    Hope you had a nice weekend :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  4. I think Charlie is cute for a car! Mine doesn't have a name. Haha. I'm a slacker.

  5. I like bella, it's such a beautiful name :)

  6. Charlie is a great name. i've always driven male cars (Ross was my first car. I currently drive Fritz.) so i'm partial to the male name, i guess.

  7. I like charlie, but I think it looks more like a Fiona to me.

  8. Amanda H.12/09/2012

    Fiona is perfect for your car, Ash! Good thinking @Ms. Amanda Grace

  9. I am torn between Dorey and Charlie ...
    How about merging them together - Chorey?? Hmm, no that doesn't sound quite right.
    I'd go for, Charlie - It looks more like a Charlie!


  10. I vote Charlie :) I love Fiats and am way jealous! I need to mapquest my upcoming trip to see what kind of dent that is going to cause


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