Feb 26, 2012

How things change

Hey ya'll well here goes
the big news a little later than I had expected to share
but O well still exciting none the less
First off I did end up getting a new car
(Not the beetle I had planned)
The brand new Fiat 500

Mine is the same color, year, and style
with red seats and a little red pinstripe going around it
(I will have a pic soon)

So other exciting news?
Me and my husband are back togeather

Some pretty rough stuff has happened recently which caused me to be
100% inactive while I tried to decide if I was going to keep my blog
I deleted my facebook, changed my number and quit one of my jobs
In the end I decided I put too much time into
and love my blog too much to delete it too
I did however change the domain name
which will cause the my link-within widget to be M.I.A. for a few days
...But anyways...
I could not be happier right now and have truly realized what is important to me
No more drinking, No more partying, and no more dead-end jobs
Just being a wife is more than enough for me now
and I look forward to our future
In florida now visiting family
I hope to have tons of pics from this vaca.
(Where we are going tomm.)
Clearwater Beach

Thanks for reading ya'll
Hope everyone is having a great week

Feb 24, 2012

Recipes for the weekend...

Alrighty ya'll I spent this morning looking for some new recipes to try
Simply put, I am sick of cooking the same ol' thing!
...Spice it up this weekend...
Click the pictures to get the recipe, and find some great cooking websites

Lets start with dessert!
Caramel Apple Cupcakes
Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Baked Egg Cups
For 100 calories please...

Perfect Dinner roll

homemade dinner rolls

Grilled Tri-Tip Steak with Molasses Chili Marinade

Grilled Tri-Tip Steak with Molasses Chili Marinade Recipe

Sausage Penne Pasta

Idaho Sunrise

Feb 21, 2012

The Truth

in life people try to get you down
When that happens...
you should hold your head up high and remember how much good
and just how many good people surround you
Never let those people make you cry.
Possible? Sometimes. But normally not.
Sometimes people can really hurt your feelings.
And be successful in making you upset.
Thing is no-one knows whats in your heart except YOU
I'm just glad I have amazing friends and family that will always be there to help me thru
when I'm feeling blue
"I'm a rymer"

Hope everyones having an amazing week

Feb 16, 2012

Busy, Busy like a bee

Busy Busy Like a bee was written a little while ago on
Real Life Photography's adorable blog check it out here
It was a little guest post by yours truly..off to pick up some rugrats

Hope everyones having a great week I know I am

Feb 10, 2012

Pistol Annies

Anyone else love them??

Miranda Lambert has always been my favorite country singer
If you haven't heard them check them out
this is 
"Hell on Heels"

Feb 9, 2012

Bears first bath

Precious isn't he?
He was so good for his first bath
{Didn't freak out at all}

Feb 3, 2012

Handy-work pays off

Well ya'll I had a good day today
Now I am just killing time before I have to go be a waitress
Well this was my day
Up early
Got ready
Put on my white furry boots
Kit-Kat for breakfast
Work at the studio
Office work
braving busy Main St. to cross the road
(hate crossing that road)
It's like a real life game of chicken
We made this new backdrop in the pictures below
I used a saw for the first time ever
(and then a little play photo-shoot)
To test the backdrop and the new chair out
(I edited these pics kinda like the crazy brightness)

Melissa making me laugh

Just chilling with my furry boots

I also just wanted to share with you
this product review
This is the palette I use on my eyes it's by Elf
 I wanted to share this because
it is really a great product
(My grandma got it for me for christmas)
and I have been using it everyday since
I found it on Haute Look
100 piece palette for only $7.00
(Can't go wrong with that price)
Click here to check it out

One more item worth mentioning
I also found this on Haute Look
141 piece make-up palatte for only $22.50
(I think I will have to order this)
Click here to check it out

Feb 2, 2012

What I'm reading??

I love this series called
A dangerously delicous vampire series
Check it out you'll love it

Book one: Dangerous Girls

Book  two: The Taste of Night