How things change

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Hey ya'll well here goes
the big news a little later than I had expected to share
but O well still exciting none the less
First off I did end up getting a new car
(Not the beetle I had planned)
The brand new Fiat 500

Mine is the same color, year, and style
with red seats and a little red pinstripe going around it
(I will have a pic soon)

So other exciting news?
Me and my husband are back togeather

Some pretty rough stuff has happened recently which caused me to be
100% inactive while I tried to decide if I was going to keep my blog
I deleted my facebook, changed my number and quit one of my jobs
In the end I decided I put too much time into
and love my blog too much to delete it too
I did however change the domain name
which will cause the my link-within widget to be M.I.A. for a few days
...But anyways...
I could not be happier right now and have truly realized what is important to me
No more drinking, No more partying, and no more dead-end jobs
Just being a wife is more than enough for me now
and I look forward to our future
In florida now visiting family
I hope to have tons of pics from this vaca.
(Where we are going tomm.)
Clearwater Beach

Thanks for reading ya'll
Hope everyone is having a great week

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3 lovely little thoughts

  1. Good to hear about you and your hubby :) And congrats on the new car! So much happy news! Enjoy Florida!


  2. Thank you for the sweet comment! Your blog is adorable!

  3. Anonymous3/28/2012

    oh my gosh i WANT your car!!!!


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