Nov 16, 2014

Gunners here

      Hi everyone so last time I wrote
         It was quite some time ago 
  Now I have a 5 month old and another                                         
              bundle of joy on the way 
          Gunner is quite the character!

                     As a newborn 

                   And at Halloween 

Jan 12, 2014

Big News

Wow y'all this pregnancy has been so up
it's crazy and has made it extremely diffulcult
to focus on my beloved blog
well while I've been gone 
alot has changed 
first off today I am officially 18 weeks
most people say the time has flown by
I wish
To be honest until extremely
recently I have not felt how 
I have heard most woman describe their 
The whole "Pregnancy is the happiest time of my life"
regardless of how sick I was
Not how I felt at all
Sure I'm extremely happy about this pregnancy
but to say it is the happiest time of my life?
I don't think so
But I cannot wait until after the pregnancy 
I know everything will be worth it 
and we will have an amazing bundle of joy
Did I just say "we?"
Yep, sure did!
Me and the father have decided to work things out
So "Yay" for that
I am extremely excited to be getting the family I have always wanted

ALMOST forgot a week from tomorrow 
we find out the sex of the baby
we are keeping our fingers crossed for a boy