Going back to the basics: How to make friends

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I never thought I would be writing a post on 
how to make friends
although I do obviously have friends in N.C. 
I moved here knowing absolutely no-one here 
in Florida except my aunt/uncle
I never thought I would be googling 
"how to make friends"
but dang if you just moved to a city 
and your not enrolled in school yet 
it can be kinda hard to just start talking to someone
and make them your friend
Come to think of it 
All my friends from back home are people
I have known most of my life
 I'm from a small town, 
we grow up together, 
we know each other,
that's just how it is 
Here it's a BIG place
and I don't know how the
heck to meet people 
but I do know I miss my best friend

Any suggestions?

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10 lovely little thoughts

  1. I am the worst when it comes to making new friends and using social media is so hard because it's hard to weed out the crazies. I have no real advice but good luck!! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I have lived here for a year and have to admit I haven't really met anyone yet. It is really hard, but I guess the best advice I can give (do as I say not as I do lol) is to just go for it. If you think a conversation could be started, go for it! You'll be surprised, a lot of people in this area are super social! Also, I'm totally here if you ever want to go out!! :)

  3. i know how you are feeling, because i've moved so many times and every time i have to make new friends

    when we moved to canada we didn't know anyone, but now we have some good net of friends. some we met at church, some from hubby's work, some from a writer's workshop i attended {known them for only 9months but the bond is so strong} and some from playgroup.

    i'm sure you will make friends soon, one thing maybe you could do is to start a course of something you like and while you're there follow your instincts and talk to those who look like nice people.

    good luck :)

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    1. get started in school and if you talk to people at work..ask them to go do something.dont wait for someone to ask you..you can be friends with guys..you know..heck girl I have been here a year and still only have maybe one person who I like...
      you have to give it time..
      Skype Amanda and talk to her...she will give you words of encouragement.....
      that is why its a new beginning...friends and all.....get out there and just do it....you might surprise yourself....

    2. Amanda H.12/02/2012

      yeah! skype amanda :) miss you!

  6. You just have to bite the bullet and talk to people. Get enrolled in school and when you find someone that you think might be a friend ask them to do something, go shopping, go to a movie, whatever. Start somewhere. You are a pretty great person so it won't take long to meet people.

  7. I agree with "mom"^. YOu just have to be bold and approach people and initiate conversation. It's not always easy to do but it really works!

  8. Great post. A lot of times people find it hard to make new friends. This post is amazing.

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