Heart issues?

By 12:32 AM

Hello there 

 Ashton here

and here's how I'm feeling at this exact moment!

So I am sitting here about to lose my F*ing mind...
Please excuse my *
Last week I had a nice trip to the E.R. because I was having heart palpitations
when we got there my heart rate was jumping from 60 to 166 
at first I was really scared 
but now I'm just frustrated
 all my bloodwork came back okay
I have relatively high blood pressure and I'm anemic
which means they have no clue what's causing the changes in my heart rate
now I have to sport a heart monitor for a few days
and wait to hear something from the results
I guess it's just because I am frustrated and want to know what's going on 
but I cannot sleep 
I wanted to go to sleep hours ago, I'm so tired 
but cannot get comfortable with this thing on
I'm pretty sure I have decided heart monitors suck...

Has anyone else had to wear one, if so what caused the irregularity?

Hope everyone's having a great week, thank you for reading!

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  1. Hey sorry about the heart monitor thing, that sucks :/. I've actually never had to wear one, but I work in Cardiology as a tech and do hook them up occasionally. The heart rhythm could be from a number of things. Stress being a huge reason. There are certain foods, caffeine, medications, family hx, etc that could also contribute. I don't mean to dig too deep, but if you want you can email me, but did the doctor refer you to a cardiologist and say anything about atrial fibrillation or runs of v-tach? Hope you feel better!!

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    2. Thanks for the sweet comment, they thought it was caffeine at first, but now they don't. I see a cardiologist in a few days, just ready to figure out whats going on.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I have/had SVT, so my heart would race up to 300 beats per minute. I've been on every drug under the sun, as well as worn heart monitors multiple times. I ended up having surgery...twice...to hopefully cure the problem. Just be patient, and do what they ask you to do.

    1. Ughh that seems rough, thank you for commenting. I am not a very patient person, but I hear ya and I am trying my best!

  3. I hope you are feeling better sweetie. I was born with a serious heart condition and I just finally had open heart surgery on May 25th. The surgery was suppose to last 3-5 horus but ended up being 15 hours and I died on them twice. It has been a long road but I am getting better. I spent 12 days in the hospital and have almost finished at home physical therapy and July 31st I start Cardiac Rehab. Please keep me updated on your heart and what the doctor says. I have had many ER visits with heart rate 176+ It is a scary feeling. I am here if you need or want to talk. I might be able to help ease your mind.

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  4. Hope you feel better! I can only imagine how scared you were at first. Best of luck.

    I invite you to check out my blog.

  5. I just hope everything is ok now and that you feel better!

  6. Hello my dear! I've noticed you've been following my Blog for a while, but I never did follow you back. It's a shame, because I like your stories!
    I am anxious to hear what results came back from your Holter Monitor, I had to wear one and I was diagnosed with a minor heart condition last year. Ever since, I am on medication to decrease the palpitations and ease my anxiety.
    Hope all is well!


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