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Ok ya'll so I use to be a size 00, and have a pretty nasty eating disorder.
 I still occasionally see a nutritionist but for the most part I am healthy and currently residing at a size 5. 
Which I am fine with, but I still need some toning!  Now it's time for a change, a fitness change. Here's some things I have found that anyone can try (and work up too.)


i realllllly want to do this the two days before prom, but i’m scared of having peanut butter in the house (it’s required for the breakfast smoothies) cause i alwayssssss binge on it if it’s in the house rarrr. note to self: find single serving peanut butter.

Lean Legs, Tight Tush



Recipes coming in my next post, stay tuned ladies!

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  1. Anonymous7/05/2012

    i hear ya sister on the toning part. sheeeeesh i am in need of some muscles. this cleanse is awesome though! def going to give it a try! thx!


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