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Alright ya'll I have been using "fake tanners" for about four month's. I use to go tanning every other day, but when my grandmother was diagnosed with skin cancer I decided to drop the risk! I have tried many self tanners but this is by far my favorite and here's why.

Tomas Tan Perfect Self-Tanning lotion

Product Details

  1. It is a nice deep color, absolutely not orange!
  2. Other tanner's tend to make me extra oily and cause acne, this does not.
  3. It is super easy to apply.
  4. There are two options a spray and a lotion.
  5. It lasts a FULL week and fades evenly not splotchy.
  6. A bottle lasted me about a month and a week, which was awesome.
  7. The price is only $12.50 at Sally Beauty Supply (It is also available online from multiple retailers)


Body Clear® Body Scrub
1. I'm always sure to exfoliate, so I get a nice even coverage. I use the Neutrogena Body Scrub. I think it's an awesome product, and it's affordable $5.99 at Wal-mart.
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion, 20.3 fl oz
2. Put a dab of lotion on area's that tend to get darker: elbows, knees, toes and in between your fingers.   I use Vaseline Cocoa Butter deep conditioning lotion, I love this product it's really great, it's not greasy at all, it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated all day not to mention it smells great! It also sits at a fantastic price point of only $5.47 at Wal-Mart. It's a huge bottle and last's forever.
St. Tropez Application Mitt No Color One Size
3. Get a mitt, this is by no mean's 100% necessary. The color goes on fine with the gloves that are provided but after a few uses I wanted something new, I did some research and learned alot of people use mitt's to apply their color. This one is by St. Tropez you can find it for as low as $6.00 on

84964655 - Magic Eraser Duo Pad, 4/BOX

4. If you mess up, don't panic. One day I was going super duper fast because I was in a hurry. The next morning I saw a small smudge on the back of my ankle, I then remembered my girlfriend telling me the Magic Eraser will take this right off! She was totally right "Go Brittany!"  Don't worry it won't leave you with a pale patch, it turned out looking completely even after I removed the smudge (gently)!

* When I was first searching the web to find reviews on this product, this is the video that made me decide to give it a try!

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  1. I've always beens skeptical about self tanners, but this post was very informative!

    1. I was totally skeptical at first, just do research before you try one and you should be fine!

  2. First off, I love your name AND your blog name! I just read your "About Me" section and loved that too! I cuss a LOT in person but not so much on my blog and I was in the same situation that you were in before. My life was craaaaaaaaazy and I loved it until I met my bf, who showed me that there was so much more to life than partying.

    I love tattoos and piercings, still drink occasionally, and am definitely following you now!

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. Wow sound's like we can really relate to each other, love it! P.S. your blog is adorable!


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