Budgeting success & cute cupcakes

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Ok ya'll so normally I have a hard time sticking to budgeting.
So I decided to find a little something to help keep me in line.
 After about an hour and a half of research, I decided to try Mint.com. It will ask you for your bank account, which at first made me a little nervous but I did alot of research they have no complaints. 

How does it work? It links your bank account to the site. It categorizes some things and some you have to do on your own. In the end you end up with this...


I don't know about ya'll but that in itself was extremely helpful for me, seeing where my money actually goes.

Next you can set budgets. Like this...

Mint Budget

Next you can set goals, like a vacation for an example. 
It will help you make an exact estimation of costs like this...

After you have set your goals, you can then see them here...
(Right sidebar)
Left over : $1100
Use it for...

I found this really helpful, and I hope ya'll do too.

Celebrate with these awesome Ice cream cone cupcakes, and have a great weekend!

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5 lovely little thoughts

  1. Anonymous7/07/2012

    whoa.. this is awesome!! sooo helpful. im going to check this out right now!
    thanks girl! happy weekend!

  2. Wow, I love the cupcakes! The budget, not so much I hate budgeting! LOL! April

  3. First of all awesome budgeting sight I am so glad I know about this! And second those cupcakes are awesome I had no idea you could make then in a cone! I need to try this!

  4. Thank you very much for your sweet comment, love :) xo


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