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I just love cute insulated cups and iced coffee, yum
International Delight is delicious if you haven't tried it 
I strongly recommend it 
It's only about $3.98 at most grocery stores
which I think is very reasonable 
I use to stop at McDonalds every morning before work and get a large
Iced coffee which was I believe $2.08 (with tax)
Which means I was spending a whopping $41.60
on just my "iced" coffee a month
and then there was what I got on my break
The Cookies and Cream chiller from Gloria Jeans
and dang did that one break the bank
About $5.00 a day
Whew, that's kinda ridiculous
come to think of it

So monthly I was spending...

McDonalds Iced Coffee $41.60+ Gloria Jeans Cookie Chiller $80.00

And the grand total is

$121.60 a month

After searching the web for a similar recipe to my
beloved "chiller"
I found this one via
It sounds great
"Click" the pic to take you straight to the recipe

(Recipe using the International Coffee Delight)

Even if I buy a carton of the International Delight a week
I'm still saving over $100 a month 
I'm thinking that's a success

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7 lovely little thoughts

  1. That stuff is AMAZING! I discovered it a few months ago and I am a huge fun!

  2. I love that stuff! I have a habit of getting iced coffee as a mid day pick me up and was so excited when they began selling this!

  3. I recently discovered French Presses and how good they are for making coffee. Tastes so much better then the electric drip. I will have to try this in my coffee soon!

    Ali of:

  4. I love the International Delight french vanilla creamer! I could seriously drink itself. Actually, I have done that before. haha

  5. You have a really great blog! I really enjoy reading it! :)

  6. Ahh the chiller sounds amazing, I'd love to try. Ut sadly we can't get iced coffee in uk supermarkets :( x


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