The Fiat 500

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So I was just sitting here thinking about what to write about when someone suggested, "What about your car?"
HmMmm....actually a good idea!

I get asked a question about my car at virtually every gas station I stop at. Number one question? What type of gas mileage does your car get? Answer: 40 mpg. It cost's me about 30 to fill up and last's on average about two weeks. I got to Florida (from N.C.) and back for under $150. Number two question? This one is a smartass/dumb question that only guys ask and  it always makes me laugh. Can I fit in it? Yes. To any guy reading this, it is bigger than a cracker jack box, you can fit. Fiat's are not just for girl's I have actually seen many guy's driving them.

Now that we are on the size subject do not think that the back seats have as much room, you could fit but you wouldn't want to. I would stick to groceries and shopping bags for that space, it is extremely cramped for people. Number three question. Does that thing have speed? I went 95 most of the way to Florida from N.C. (shhh...) so I would say it can move. That's pretty much all the questions I typically get asked. A few things I would like to mention is, it is a top safety pick. Before I had a fiat I had a 2008 Jeep compass, when I switched my insurance it only went up five dollars. I was extremely impressed with this, seeing that it was new and had a sporty look. The only negative, is poor visibility (Particularly in blind spots.) But to be honest I don't care too much, I pay close attention and try to be extra careful. I love my car and don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon! 

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7 lovely little thoughts

  1. Such a cute car! I love it in yellow.

  2. Cute car!! I've often wondered about them! Double the gas mileage that my Jeep gets : (

  3. OUUUUU I want the pink one, its so cute!!

  4. Anonymous5/31/2012

    love this car! i have been seeing more and more of them around & think they are awesome!

  5. I have the same car too and I'm always getting asked those questions too. Mines the white one but I think mine has the same interior as yours. They are so nice to drive aren't they I love the convertible versions too!

    Great blog I'm now following.

  6. SUCH A DUNCE!! LoL i just pasted a message i left on another bloggers page!!

    and that is SO SO SO AWESOME you have a fiat!!
    I am def a fan of those cars! and the gas mileage is def a nice perk! i am just almost 6 foot tall and i feel like a sardine crammed in a can when i get in tiny cars! LoL


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