Holy mother of bras!

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Alright ya'll I am actually excited to write this post! Today I had 8 hours of training to help me become a certified bra fitter, yes there is such training ladies. I have already received almost a month of previous training on top of that! But I will tell you Victoria Secret doesn't have sh*t on us (excuse my french) when it comes to doing an accurate fit. I got measured today by the district manager where I work and it honestly made my day. I have had the wrong size bra on for probably, lets see (my whole life I'm guessing.) My bras never fit 100% correctly and I always have problems finding my size (32DDD was what I had been wearing.) Turns out I'm a 30G, wowzers I know. But now that I know all the "fit points" I will never go back to wearing the wrong size bra and being uncomfortable everyday, it is just ridiculous. 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size, that is crazy but true. Go get fit ladies! But until then let's go over some general bra rules, to help you in your quest for your perfect bra!

1. Bridge lays flat against the chest wall and separates the breasts.
2. Wire frames the breast completely so it's behind the breast tissue, under the arm, and you feel rib cage when you press on the tip of the wire.
3. When you raise your arms above her head, the bra should not move or gap in the front.
4. Band on the bra should be on the loosest hook straight across the back and should not bend up.
5. Straps should fit comfortably with a thumb lengths of room (In most cases strap lengths will not be adjusted identically.)

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  1. this reminds me that i should go get measured again!

  2. Anonymous5/25/2012

    hi! new to your blog and i cant wait to read more :) i have NEVER been fitted for a bra. it is def on my bucket list ;)


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