And sometimes doggies go to heaven.

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Hey ya'll, on Monday I got the news Joker didn't make it. (I was going to adopt him from the local animal shelter, but he passed away from parvo.) It was very sad, and the fact that parvo is very contagious made me extremely nervous to adopt a different animal, I didn't want to go through the same ordeal. I actually ended up turning to craigslist. A website a few of my friends got there pets from. Two days ago me and my mom made the long drive to Booneville, N.C. Which was actually really quaint and pretty. We went to see some kittens I saw on the website. We ended up getting two, one calico and one grey. The calico (girl) is named Daisy and I named the grey one (boy) Smokey. They are super cute and very playful. They still aren't use to being handled 100% and are slightly scared of anything new so I figured I would wait until next week before snapping some pics.

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  1. Its so sad the puppy did not make it . Congratulations on your new kittens! Cant wait to see the pictures.
    I Want It All


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