Agency Nerves

By 12:44 AM

Ok ya'll so this is going to be short&&sweet..
seeing that I really have to get my beauty rest for tomorrow...
What is tomorrow??
Good question...I have an meeting with a very good modeling agency
at 10AM sharp
Why am I nervous??
I do little things here&there
but's it's been a while since I worked for an agency
The first time I worked for an agency I was a size 00
what about now?
I am a size 5
That is a bit of a difference
Also: I have tattoos, &&weirdly shaped thumbs...
HmM..not sure how my chances are looking right now

Wish me luck!!

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5 lovely little thoughts

  1. Best of luck to you hon, I know you'll do fine!

  2. Thank-you! It did go ok, they want my hair longer...but they said theyd call next week so thats good!

  3. You're beautiful and they'd be crazy not to love you! Wish I were a size 5!

    The new font looks great!!

    ~ Angela

  4. Anonymous9/22/2011

    I hope they call back with good news! Hair is easy. Extensions, TADA ;)

    a cup of subtle tea


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