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Thank you so much for having me as a guest blogger Ashton! The blogging world truly does embrace everyone! I just started my blog The Beginner Housewife this last week and I’m over the moon with how kind everyone has been! So, with that being said, here is my very special, secret recipe!
With Halloween around the corner everyone’s looking for the best recipe that is sure to knock the socks off your party guests. I have the ticket – alcohol.
It’s my mother-in-law’s recipe, Vodka Slush.

This deliciously awesome drink will have your party guests raving about your Halloween Party for years to come.
Note: If you don’t want to have a repeat party at your house do not make this recipe, it’s that delish!!!
1.       1 – 6oz Cherry Jello Gelation
2.       2 – 12oz frozen orange juice
3.       2 – 12oz frozen lemonade
4.       1 – Bottle of cranberry juice (you’ll need 4 cups)
5.       1 – Bottle of Vodka (you’ll need 4 cups)
6.       2 – Bottles of Sprite/7-UP
8.       HUGE ASS BOWL (This will be the bowl you put in freezer and houses all the slush – we normally use two containers, living in apartment’s means no space.)

1.       Grab empty bowl
2.       Pour one six ounce cherry jello gelation into bowl.
3.       Dissolve two cups of hot water into bowl, stir.
4.       Add six cups of cold water.
5.       Add in both twelve ounce frozen orange juices
6.       Add in both twelve ounce frozen lemonade juices
7.       Pour in four cups of cranberry juice
8.       Pour in four cups of vodka
9.       SEE HOW FULL THE BOWL IS? It feeds an army!
10.   Place bowl in freezer (Will freeze for 48 hours)
11.   Okay, from here on out you will occasionally pull the bowl out and stir the mixture. It is going to become a slush of sorts (hence the name vodka slush). I start with every two hours while I’m awake, then once before I go to work and when I’m home in the evenings back to two hours).
12.   When ready to serve put about two to three spoonful’s of slush and fill the rest of the cup with Sprite/7-UP to the top! THEN ENJOY!

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  1. oh My gosh this looks, sounds super yummy! I will deff have to try this on my next girls night in or something!!


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