Raleigh Trip

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Ok guys I'm back from Raleigh, only to leave town again in a few minutes!!
(If my mom would hurry the heck up)
But anyways while I'm waiting on her..
I'll tell ya'll about our VERY recent trip to Raleigh
We went for some pics I won from a contest...
(This is the direct link to their facebook fan page)
Check them out, they are great
And don't forget to 

(I cannot because I know longer have a facebook)
But I'd figured it'd be nice to send some others in that direction

Ok so what else did we do??
Well we stayed at the Hyatt Place Hotel it was nice
EXCEPT the breakfast it was sucky
But that's ok!!
We ate at Bahama Breeze for dinner which was
I would definitely recommend it!
Then what?

"Below is a description straight off there website"
(So you know what it is)
Pretty fun

For one weekend last September, The Independent Weekly's  Hopscotch Music Festival engrossed downtown Raleigh, creating a new relationship between the city and music fans. This year, the festival picks up where it left off, bringing more than 135 bands to 12 venues, including Friday and Saturday night in City Plaza, Raleigh's most captivating civic space. Intended to highlight the Triangle's rich music scene by pairing local talent with notable national and international artists, Hopscotch offers choices to fans in just about every genre imaginable—rock, hip-hop, alt-country, metal, dance, punk, classical, noise, drone, folk, and more. It is a festival that thrives on the variety and quality of its lineup, and this year, with over 40% of the musicians hailing from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other nearby locales, it's a testament to both this region's musical diversity and its national relevance.  

We also checked out Rum Runner's
Great Atmosphere

Well that' s about all there is for that trip...
Another post soon on Augusta S.C.
Heading there in a few min.!!
For some modeling shots
Wish me luck...
Hope everyones weekend went great!!

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  1. Aww! I'm glad you had such a great weekend!

  2. Thanks!! Hope you did too!

    P.S. Thanks for being a "Follower"! Love your blog<3


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