Preacher Stone Show

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Ok ya'll so night before last, me && my dad went to the Preacher Stone show.
 It was outside at
Tilley's Harley Davidson Shop in Salisbury
Loved it!!
If ya'll have seen "Sons of Anarchy"
You've heard them!!(Their song "Not Today" was featured on "SOA")
They are amazing
"Oh ya && my dad knows em' "
Check them out here

Me&My Dad

My dad&&Marty


                              Moonshine in N.C. ?? Never

                                Be sure to look for him on the next American Idol (REALLY)

                              Singing "Molly Hatchet," after he shouted out to my dad
(Which I'm sure totally made his day)



What a geat father daughter dance??

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4 lovely little thoughts

  1. We just wanted to stop by and say "Hey." Thanks for diggin' our music and coming out to the show Thursday! Good to see ya both! Marty

  2. Thanks! Can't believe you found my blog, SO COOL!


  3. Looks like a great time!!

  4. It really was,
    time with my dad +great band= Smiley face



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