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I am totally aware it isn't even October yet!
But for me I am actually (behind)
on finding a HOTT costume
I like to have mine by early October and picking one is not easy for me
I like to be a little different, I never go with the most popular sellers
and normally mix a few pieces to assure I don't end up matching with someone
Don't you hate that???
I am totally obsessed with Halloween
Last year I spent about $250 on my outfit
"UmMm Ya, a bit ridiculous"
Anyways all that money, and my husband ended up working in W.V.
for the weekend, so I ended up NOT wearing it!!
Ya," irritating"
I sat at home and did nothing, it sucked
O ya..and since then I gained about 10 pounds
 and can't fit into the one from last year!!
Even more sucky
Not this year, absolutely no suckyness aloud!!
This year will be AWESOME
I am 21 now, last year I was that"lame girl"
that couldn't even get in anywhere really fun
But not this year, now I can get in anywhere...so excited
And this year I really want to win a Costume Contest
Not sure where yet though...
AND seeing that last year my hubby wasn't here
THIS year he will dress up...AND like it...
 "Does he know this yet??"
"LOL"I will tell him soon though!!!

Anyways here's a few costumes
I thought were super cute
on your fave...and feel free to leave suggestions
on others you've seen

I will narrow them down and add a few more in a few days!!!

Check Out The Pop A Razzi Costume At Flirtcatalog.com
Very Gaga

Check Out The Sexy in the Desert Costume At Flirtcatalog.com
Think this may be my fave for now

Check Out The Groovy Baby Hippie Costume At Flirtcatalog.com

Sexy SWAT Couples Costume
      Like this one for sure...but not sure the hubby would go "matchy"

Cheer Leader Costume
(I love the original Dallas costume)
But its really popular
This ones a little different

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4 lovely little thoughts

  1. Fantastic!!!!;D


  2. oooh the decisions the decisions xxx

  3. Anonymous9/04/2011

    if you could get kyle to do it..the SWAT one would be good...

  4. I was thinkin the same!!

    Thanks for the comments ya'll


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