The Ole' Days

By 2:23 AM

I was just on facebook catching up
with my old roomate
  I've got to tell ya'll she is
FREAKING amazing
And gorgeous too rite??
Anyways how did I go from a semi. crappy apartment
with an awesome roommate to here??
Ok so what happened when we lived togeather??
Well truth is we had a blast/crazy times/very sad times
REALLY ya'll have NO idea!!
As a blogger I think you should be honest with your writing
So here it is
My past, our past...
We stayed at my moms for a few weeks while
I got the money togeather for our
security deposit
We made frequent WALMART trips at 2a.m.
Cookie Dough monsters??Ya that was us, Wal-mart shouldve seriously locked up the cookie dough
And not to mention Chocolate&&Strawberries
 Can you say,"OBSESSION"
Probably gained weight from all that haha
We called downstairs at my moms "Club Garage"
We would turn the music up && dance to Get Low&&stuff like that!!
HAHA "YEAH...we were super cool"
Next we started paying the deposits for our apartment, got furniture&&moved in
I met someone
Shannon??Hated him!
We also had ''Billy" at our apartment
Who was Billy??..OMG guys..He was a ghost
No really we had a ghost!! We are pretty sure about this..
We pranked people ALOT
People at work, friends, boyfriends, neighbors, you name em' we pranked em'
Toilet papering your car, && mayo under the door handle were our signatures!!
Funny moment "Shannon" coming home to ALL of her shoes in the floor
because I threw all of them trying to kill a grasshopper in the kitchen!!
I HATE grasshoppers
I caught the stove on fire "OOPS"
We went to our neighbors alot Jared&Jonesey&Travis's
They were our fashion judges...SERIOUSLY...If we looked bad they told us
Shannon's boytoy/male friend/whatever he was..haha.. called me
"Sunshine" ALOT..
I hated that!! Thats NOT my freaking name
Guys at the time didn't get along either..AT ALL actually...
Flag football rivals.. "seriously"
Another funny moment, Shannon scaring me by the laundry room...which was out back
A little room, about 30 ft. from our apartment
It suspicously looked like it could've been a murder scence location, from a scary movie
"Shannon stood around the corner and jumped out at me making me drop my hamper" lol
Fun times stopped for a bit
I went through something extremely shitty
Which made me re-evaluate EVERYTHING at the time
Luckily Shannon was there
Anyways, We tanned ALOT..we spent hours getting ready
"Greene St. Club in Greensboro? Oh yea we were there!"
"Had a nice JERSEY SHORE night outside of there once...or twice?!"
We made a "few" trips to "Wild Wing Cafe" where I use to work
Halloween was fun, best job ever!!
(I was a Hostess)
But hey all that drama/crazy/fun times got me here right??
"Yep", I think that's a pretty good summary of our past...and what got me here today

...God Blessed the Broken Road...

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  1. Anonymous9/15/2011

    she made you drop your hamper or your hamburg??


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