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This is a link-up provided by Becky over at "Mrs. to Mama"

What made YOU go Seriously?! This week.

1. Gunna have to agree with Becky on what was Farrah thinking trying to get her dog to go potty in the toilet?? Really guys?

2. I'm a waitress. Yep that's it for that one..This is a weekly one..every week I think "I'm a waitress...seriously?" After 5 years anyone would think the same!

3. Tigger sleeping in the sink

4. I actually watched "South Park" with Kyle

4. Tigger fell in the toilet

5. I ate seaweed salad

6. I am addicted to "The Challenge:Rivals" and C.T.

7. Granny asked me "Why do you have your hat off?," She thinks I should wear it daily.

8. Juju "other granny" Saw my Facebook,asked,"Who is that?", I said "Me??" Then she said "Oh, now I know your last name" (I've been married for four months now) She apparantly has never known me or my husbands last name!

9. I have decided to be sober...for our entire beach trip.

10. I am writing this post at 1:30 a.m.

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2 lovely little thoughts

  1. Oooh...yum! Seaweed salad! I drink seaweed juice everyday... nasty but worth it! haha
    Your blog is too cute!!

  2. Haha..Thanks..So is yours!!


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