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So this was a super boring Saturday night! Kyle fell asleep so early, so i've just been sitting here doing a whole lotta nothing! So seeing that it is "techniquely" Sunday guess it's that time...Get to know em' Sunday!

Barbara Brandel AKA Juju AKA my Grandma , an Ohio native with big town dreams. A self proclaimed artist by age four.  Never having lesson's until attending Ohio States Art program, in which she took her "love" to another level.  You can see the passion in her work, and it has reflected to great heights in her career. Being a feature artist at Walt Disney world for the premiere of 101 Dalmations early in her career was a proud moment for this artist, one she will remember always. Since, she has been creating murals, paintings and now she is happy to announce the launch of her new jewelry line ArtWorX by barbara. Oh yeah and she's a kick ass grandma! (P.S. She's also the one that forgot my last name...if you missed that story refer back to the post "SERIOUSLY?!THURSDAY?!"(Number 8) catch up!)

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5 lovely little thoughts

  1. Hey girl, just found your blog and now I'm definitely following. You are absolutely beautiful! Wicked cool that your Gma was an artist for 101 Dalmations. Have a great week

  2. AwWw...Thanks so much it's always nice to know people like what you write and want to read it! You are so pretty too! I just got done reading some of your blog, your a great writer! Crazy your from NC too. Keep in touch..


  3. Your dress is gorgeous!

  4. Ashton - thanks so much girl. Let's definitely keep in touch. I'm in Charlotte, NC - where are you?!

  5. Rach- Thank-you! It was from the Allure Couture Collection(Big thanks to my mom there!)

    Liz-I'm from Winston-Salem!


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