Gel Nails

By 2:25 PM

I love these!
They are awesome, apparently I'm the last to try
EVERYTHINGThis was my first time getting the "Gel"
So far they've lasted about 2 weeks with NO chips
Being a waitress normally my nails have chips within two days!
I've never had fake nails because my thumb is HUGE

Mine is EXACTLY like hers, Makes me feel better that I'm NOT alone!

I was always scared to call more attention to it with fake nails
So these are great for me
They don't damage your nails, and they last forever
If you haven't tried them
Definitely think about it next time your at the Nail Salon

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2 lovely little thoughts

  1. YOU HAVE THE WEIRDEST THUMBS EVER!!!!!!! <3 love youuuu


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