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Gotta Watch: Hurricane Irene
Mrs. Irene

The latest from CNN.COM

Hurricane Irene barged up the East Coast on Saturday, an uninvited guest that knocked power out to more than a million homes and businesses, forced more than a million people off the New Jersey shore alone and caused at least nine deaths.
While Irene weakened somewhat after it came ashore early Saturday near Cape Lookout, North Carolina, it remained a Category 1 hurricane. Its large size carried hurricane-force winds dozens of miles from its center. And the National Hurricane Center said it would likely remain one until it makes landfall again in New England sometime Sunday afternoon.
Emergency officials pleaded with stubborn residents to evacuate, warning that heavy rains and a storm surge of 4 to 8 feet could cause widespread flooding of low-lying areas and pose untold dangers to residents from Virginia to New England.
"This is a storm where, if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can be fatal," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned.
By Saturday evening, five people were reported dead in North Carolina due to the storm, police and emergency officials said. That includes two who died in separate accidents when trees fell on their cars. Two cars crashed going though an intersection in Goldsboro where the traffic lights had failed, leading to the death of a child, and a driver died in Pitt County after losing control in standing water and hitting a tree.
Three died because of falling trees in Virginia, including a man who was in a Chesterfield County residence around 3 p.m. Saturday, according to the county. In addition, a 55-year-old male surfer died around noon in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, said Capt. Tamara Marris, a spokeswoman for the Volusia County Beach Patrol.

Ok so whats going on in New York???
Don't worry!!! Got the the"copy&&paste scoop" on that too!

 New York ordered the unprecedented evacuation of 370,000 people from low-lying areas on Friday-- even residents who aren't being ordered to leave could face an arduous few days following Irene's tour of the city.
The city's transit system, shut down Saturday, may not be fully running again until Monday at the earliest, high-rise buildings are being instructed to turn off elevators and utility ConEd may have to cut power to Manhattan, Bloomberg said.
Amtrak canceled its northeast routes on Sunday, and airlines scratched thousands of flights. Airports in Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Boston all planned to suspend operations for at least some part of the weekend.
President Barack Obama continued to closely monitor the storm, according to White House officials. He toured FEMA's operations center Saturday morning. Meanwhile, defense officials told 6,500 service members to prepare to deploy to storm-ravaged regions should state officials need them.
The Red Cross sheltered 13,000 people in 150 shelters Friday night, President Gail McGovern said. More than two-thirds of the nonprofit's emergency response vehicles had deployed to the East Coast, she said.
"We're now in the middle of what could be one of the largest responses that the Red Cross operations has had in recent memory," she said.

Hope you enjoyed the CNN scoop and the kickass video

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