Rocking the....kudzu??

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Very Small Sneak Peek
OK, so I'm sure your thinking, what the heck is she talking about right?? Don't worry if I saw someones blog and they were writing a post about kudzu, I would probably think they were one fry short of a happy meal. But luckily, you don't have to worry this post is actually semi about kudzu, the annoying little vine that could have all sorts of bugs and snakes in it. I will move onto the rest of the story/session. Yesterday I had a boudoir photoshoot. We started by climbing the fire escape in a neighboring building for some amazing pictures. To be honest, I myself was scared to death on the fire escape and promptly wanted down. We also tracked through a cornfield, where giant spiders could have been hiding around any stalk. Then I braved the opening of a suspicious looking tree for a few more pictures. Also me and Melissa decided to stand in the center of the road for a few shots.Lucky for us, no crazy bug/spider/car/snake encounters were made, just beautiful pictures.

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