Latest Shoot UN-EDITED

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These are from my latest shoot, a few of my favorites + one of Kyles+one of Amandas
These were all taken by Model Mayhem #526756
This shoot was great!
But now...I'm looking forward to a new upcoming shoot
 (I have a few swimsuit ones coming up)
BUT the one i'm looking forward to the most??
Me&&Kyles (Yep!!) We won a free Couples session from over at
SO excited, looking forward to some great shot's!

Kyle loved The Taken Bracelet haha

<3 My legs (Been working out ALOT more)

Thought this was funny/cute

BFF liked this one

Think this is my fave<3

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2 lovely little thoughts

  1. thanks for the shout out Ashton!
    I can't wait to finally meet you two and photograph you :)


  2. No problem...We're looking forward to it!


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