Good Friends

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O yess we all have them! You know the people you can really talk to, and will always be there. The people that give you advice on everything. The people that believe in you, and encourage you to do great things.Who knows maybe you race to Baskin Robbins togeather before they close, work for them even though you want to kill them, let them pick your outfit, wish they didn't pick your outfit, lived togeather, pull pranks togeather, drink togeather, run out of Greene St. togeather, do a boudoir shoot together, have a front porch incident after your Bachelorette party, attend their Bachelorette party, eat at Ihop, meet at Uptown Cheapskate in the a.m., give each other stupid nicknames, write on their wall, sneak out when you were in high school, thought ya'll were the ish in high school, color your hair, cut your hair, do your makeup, dance with, go swimming with, maybe read their blog, work out togeather, watch their kids, laugh at your jokes, who knows maybe they were bridesmaids in your wedding, maybe not tho, sometimes friends come unexpected, but know matter how you meet hopefully they'll be around for along time. But everyone has them, and no matter who you are, you need them.

Mrs.Vest XoXo

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