Back Into The Boudoir...Again??

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 Before I was married, I did a little something extra for my husband. A sexy boudoir shoot. Now I just might get the chance to do another. Why Boudoir ladies? Better question, why not? Boudoir is a great idea for any young bride, or bride of any age really. It's also a great wedding present, why not give the bride a sexy photoshoot, she'll love it! It makes you feel amazing, empowered and absolutely beautiful. Not to mention the obvious perks it gives your husband, remind him just how sexy you can be! It definitely helps to have an amazing photographer, one who also makes you feel comfortable. I myself have found an amazing photographer Melissa Sheets, she is located in Lexington, N.C. at Real Life Photography. She is a truly amazing photographer and I look forward to working with her again.

This is just an example I found online, hopefully I can post Melissa's work soon!
Me && example of Melissa's Wedding Photography

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