Diva to Domestic

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Well I think we've all seen "The Real Housewives" series, personally I find it kind of addicting. With tons of money I guess anything is possible. The striking appearance of a supermodel, shopping trips daily, time for kids, and yet still having a home looking like a maid just walked out the door. Trust me, I'm not hating! I wish that was me, but for most of us, it isn't. As a twenty-one year old hello-kitty crazed waitress/blogger being a domestic housewife is not easy. But I'm learning as I go. The lecturing I get from my husband is starting to sink in. I need to get domestic and I need to get domestic quick. So I actually opened a cookbook, and read more than one page. Shockingly this doesn't seem to be impossible anymore. Now don't get me wrong, I can cook some things spaghetti, chicken, spaghetti, chicken. Oh yes and my personal favorite "Bertolli" frozen dinners. OK so I'm not Rachel Ray, But for $19.99 I can buy her cookbook and I can hop on the domestic bandwaggon, and that is exactly what I'm going to do.So maybe I can't cook yet. But hey, I clean. Sometimes, but who really wants to clean? No one wants to clean people. But it's a wifely duty, and if your a wife or a girlfriend, fiance, your expected to do these things. We're expected to go from divas to domestic goddesses. Yes I made it sound glamorous, but it should be. So let's make domestic fun. Let's get little apron's, pink cleaning gloves, high heels, yes high heels to clean. Why not? Make being domestic glamorous! Why go from diva to domestic, do both! Below is a a few things to get you started.
Amazon.com-Gloveables Pink Lace Rubber Cleaning Gloves, $12.99
Gloveables Pink Lace Rubber Cleaning Gloves
Costumes4less.com-Sexy Maid Dress Costume (Including feather duster), $40.00
 Sexy Maid Dress Costume
Walmart-Cooking Basics For Dummies [Book], $16.00
Cooking Basics For Dummies [Book]

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