L.O.L. Award

By 10:32 AM

Well I figured why not give a little spotlight to a follower today??

I mean does it not make you SUPER excited
when you see a brand new
AND comments??
Figured I'd pick someone each month...just to say thanks for following...
hopefully it'll send them a little more traffic

And the L.O.L. Award goes to....

(The Presutti's)

Why she was picked???

She is a recent follower

I love her blog

She commented on a blog post...I love comments

She says ya'll just like me

DIY+Recipes+Lots of pictures = Blog Love

I think ya'll will enjoy her blog

Wanna Check her blog out??? Click HERE

You'll ♥ it

There's many other blogs I LOVE too...

to ALL my followers and readers

I really appreciate all of you!!

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6 lovely little thoughts

  1. I'm so glad I saw your comment on The Presutti's blog so I was able to find you! Your blog is lovely. I'll definitely be following!
    ~ Angela

  2. Thank-you! Just checked yours out as well&&followed ♥it...very cute

    Have a great week!


  3. Awh your blog is too cute! I love it, I noticed your comment and decided to check ouit your blog...I can't stop reading and looking around! L O V E it :]
    Biggest love,

  4. Thanks so much!!

    Hope you have a greaaat week♥

    Thanks for being a "follower" :)

  5. This was so sweet! Thanks for the award! :) I'm honored!!


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