Great couple tattoos

By 4:54 PM

Ok, I seriously love these! What about ya'll?

anchor, anchor tattoo, b&w, black and white, couple - inspiring picture on


Would You Marry Me?

tatu_dlya_dvoix_.jpg (500×354)

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8 lovely little thoughts

  1. I love the anchors! Perfect symbol for a couples tattoo :)

  2. They are so addicting! I have been dying for another one too! Hope you have a good day! xoxo

  3. hi, nice blog! if you want take a look at my blog, we can follow each other if you like it! i hope...kisses :D

  4. they look sooo cute all of them!! come check out my blog too <3

  5. Love this post! You've got me thinking about a tattoo for me and my man.... hmmmm ;-)

  6. these tattoos are all brilliant! x

  7. Hi Ashton! :)
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm thinking about getting bows too! But on the back of my thighs. I got tattooed for the first time this month (4 in one day!) and I think I'm addicted now, I'm planning more! :p The anchors are really cute too!


  8. I love the couples tattoos! I want to get one with my man one day. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, Delightfully Darling, I am now following your super cute blog now!!

    xo Teresa


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