Handy-work pays off

By 3:01 PM

Well ya'll I had a good day today
Now I am just killing time before I have to go be a waitress
Well this was my day
Up early
Got ready
Put on my white furry boots
Kit-Kat for breakfast
Work at the studio
Office work
braving busy Main St. to cross the road
(hate crossing that road)
It's like a real life game of chicken
We made this new backdrop in the pictures below
I used a saw for the first time ever
(and then a little play photo-shoot)
To test the backdrop and the new chair out
(I edited these pics kinda like the crazy brightness)

Melissa making me laugh

Just chilling with my furry boots

I also just wanted to share with you
this product review
This is the palette I use on my eyes it's by Elf
 I wanted to share this because
it is really a great product
(My grandma got it for me for christmas)
and I have been using it everyday since
I found it on Haute Look
100 piece palette for only $7.00
(Can't go wrong with that price)
Click here to check it out

One more item worth mentioning
I also found this on Haute Look
141 piece make-up palatte for only $22.50
(I think I will have to order this)
Click here to check it out

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4 lovely little thoughts

  1. Anonymous2/03/2012

    You forgot to say you learned how to use a drill and staple gun too:)

  2. love the pics of you in your furry boots :) I hate crossing the road too. I actually break out in cold sweat while crossing haha!

  3. I love the furry boots ! I've always wanted a pair. I have ankle boots that are furry but no long ones :-/ yours are so cute though!!


  4. Love your furry boots! So fun for winter! And so fun that you got to do a photoshoot! Cute blog :)
    Also, I am doing a giveaway with a $25 gift certificate that I'd love for you to check out!
    Here- http://www.themagnoliapair.com/2012/02/giveaway-by-favor-days.html

    xo. Britt


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