Best Book "A Million Little Pieces"

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So anyone that hasn't read "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey is completely missing out. This is my favorite book of all time...and I seriously doubt I will be replacing it anytime soon! It is a truly gripping story that is utterly impossible to put down. Below is a review...

"A Million Little Pieces is a memoir of Frey's time in treatment, of his struggle with addiction. In a writing style that is as stark as the experiences it recalls, Frey walks his readers through the daily reality of his withdrawal from alcohol and crack-cocaine, among other substances. He subsequently leads us into his recovery from years of substance abuse.

While utterly rejecting the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Frey simultaneously embraces one of its key tenets: rigorous honesty. He renders his stay at Hazelden with glaring candor as he details his struggles with what might seem mundane challenges - challenges like eating lunch, or looking into his own eyes. His writing is almost stream-of-conscious as he forgoes using quotation marks in dialogue and capitalizes random nouns." Review from

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