So it's new years eve....

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Ok so, it's new years eve
If you would have asked me about three months ago
what I would be doing on New Years Eve
I would've said
Well I would start off the day by cleaning my charming
lake house with Candy my perfect step doggy
and then
for my boyfriend to get home like I did everyday
 my bff forever
and her boyfriend would be on the way
me and Amanda would probably cook one awesome
dinner and
then we might sit out by the lake or go out
either way I'm sure I would be indulging
in one awesome glass
of Childress Vineyard muscadine wine
and that would be that
but you know I would've been settling for something
that was never good enough
Now don't get me wrong I miss my best friend
dearly and would love to be kicked back at her condo
with Kai and Mickey
in N.C. but I am pretty happy here
in Florida three interviews this week
I'm modeling again
I am really liking getting to know a certain someone
and I get to see him tomorrow
on the first day of the new year
oh yeah and for the first time in along time
I'm taking some me time
to find myself
I live two minutes from the water
I'm eating more like a health nut
and staying relatively busy
Florida's definitely not to bad
SO ya I'm thinking this new year alternative is just fine
Here's to a flippin awesome new year
Lets go 2013

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3 lovely little thoughts

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Ashton! I'm so glad we've connected. I hope 2013 is your best year ever.

    1. Thanks so much Keith, hope yours is great as well!

      Tons of bloggy love.

  2. Great!

    I follow U now! Followed back?


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