Dec 29, 2012

Back from being M.I.A.

Ok so what the heck am I going to write about
HmMmm...well lets see
I guess we can start with what I've been up to
Well work, work, no work, modeling and new job searching
Oh yes and an occasional date
For the first time ever
Yours truly is
actually getting to know someone
Instead of moving in with them first
But seriously I'm going with the less cray route
I did a really fun photo-shoot a few days ago
I worked with an awesome photographer Jen
I had a great time at the shoot
 it was a very Rock and Roll atmosphere
can't wait to show ya'll the shots
Jen was awesome, and I recommend her to anyone looking
for some beautiful pictures in the Sarasota area
Find her here
In other news
The job search is going good
Interview on Wednesday for an admin. position
and I have a few more prospects
So that's good
Family was down for Christmas
My mom left today to go back to N.C.
While she was here she bought me this
A Green Opal Gem
It is beneficial for cleansing and rejuvenating.
 Promotes emotional recovery. Aides in relationships.
Stone of inspiration, enhances imagination and creativity.
So heck to the ya on that
I'm pretty superstitious so I like things like that
My purple hair is holding up well
So yay for minimum fading
Alright ya'll hope everyone has a great weekend!
Date tonight wish me lots of fun...

Cute babies

Alright ya'll I know, I know I have been a terrible blogger
  like really M.I.A. lately
I had family in town,
 and have been crazy busy
But I'll be back tomorrow
For today here is just something cute

 BABY ANIMALS!!!  I want them all

Dec 9, 2012

Not your mama's chicken salad

Ok ya'll this stuff is good
Like REALLY good

What you need:
2 cans of canned chicken
1 pouch of chile powder
Chipolte Ranch (Walmart)
1 can of Red beans 
1 can of black beans
Spring leaf lettuce (Or whatever you prefer)

It is delicious 
The only thing you need to do is  sauté  the chicken 
Just pour a little bit of chile powder on the chicken (as much as you like) with a little bit of olive oil
Then mix and heat the beans

Put it all together and "WA-lah"

Dec 8, 2012

Help me name my car...

Ok soOooo...
I was just on Mapquest 
looking to see how far Sarasota is...
when it said 
Est. fuel cost 
I thought hmmMm...Good idea Mapquest !!!
Don't mind if I do...
find out precisely 
how much it will cost me
to get there
you little genius you...
Then it has you enter
City/Hwy mileage
has you
"Name your car"
Well I have to be original right?
I mean how lame would it be to simply put
"My car"
like the example told you to do 
No, no Mapquest 
I drive a Fiat

I must come up with a fantastic name for it
Here is what I was thinking:
(Like the cute little fish from Nemo)
(Because it's super cute)
(Because Charlie Sheen is on the commercial duhhh)

And here's what my friend D* was thinking
oh and dare I say friend?
Yes your's truly is finally making some...

 (as in Norris)
(Just because)

Ok guys what are ya'll thinking??

Dec 6, 2012


My new home

Isn't so bad
 let me start off by saying
 these pics were taken less than five minutes from the house 
It's definitely beautiful here 
...and it helps to take the edge off missing everyone back home
 I have made a few friends at work 
or at least
I kinda, sorta 
talk to people
which is impressive for me

Umm..only current bad?
The house is small, now that I'm here
But we will be upgrading soon, and I will have more space
thank gah 
ohhh and we have a Charlie brown christmas tree

This looks similar for sure

Hope everyones having a great week...

Anyone else glad tomorrow is Friday?

Dec 2, 2012

Iced coffee goodness...

I just love cute insulated cups and iced coffee, yum
International Delight is delicious if you haven't tried it 
I strongly recommend it 
It's only about $3.98 at most grocery stores
which I think is very reasonable 
I use to stop at McDonalds every morning before work and get a large
Iced coffee which was I believe $2.08 (with tax)
Which means I was spending a whopping $41.60
on just my "iced" coffee a month
and then there was what I got on my break
The Cookies and Cream chiller from Gloria Jeans
and dang did that one break the bank
About $5.00 a day
Whew, that's kinda ridiculous
come to think of it

So monthly I was spending...

McDonalds Iced Coffee $41.60+ Gloria Jeans Cookie Chiller $80.00

And the grand total is

$121.60 a month

After searching the web for a similar recipe to my
beloved "chiller"
I found this one via
It sounds great
"Click" the pic to take you straight to the recipe

(Recipe using the International Coffee Delight)

Even if I buy a carton of the International Delight a week
I'm still saving over $100 a month 
I'm thinking that's a success

Dec 1, 2012

Going back to the basics: How to make friends

I never thought I would be writing a post on 
how to make friends
although I do obviously have friends in N.C. 
I moved here knowing absolutely no-one here 
in Florida except my aunt/uncle
I never thought I would be googling 
"how to make friends"
but dang if you just moved to a city 
and your not enrolled in school yet 
it can be kinda hard to just start talking to someone
and make them your friend
Come to think of it 
All my friends from back home are people
I have known most of my life
 I'm from a small town, 
we grow up together, 
we know each other,
that's just how it is 
Here it's a BIG place
and I don't know how the
heck to meet people 
but I do know I miss my best friend

Any suggestions?