Little bros prom

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This was so a few weeks ago! But at least I'm finally getting around to editing these pics my mom took. This is my little brother Dalton and his beautiful girlfriend Ashley. His graduation is only two weeks away, "YAY" I know he's stoked!

The bro

Beautiful couple

And me & Dalty

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3 lovely little thoughts

  1. Awww you brother and his gf look so cute together! :D We don't have proms here in Australia, I had a formal when I was in my last year of high school, but I think proms are a bit different. I love your hairdo too, I'm thinking of cutting my hair short soon similar to yours :)


  2. Aww those pictures are so cute!! My little brother graduates hs next weekend...crazy how time flies!! I love your blog the way :) I tried emailing you back and you were listed as a no-reply comment. So just in case you want people to reply to your comments, just go to your settings and make sure your email is public :)

    Happy hump day!! xo

  3. Aww such cute piccies! I'm sure they had a fun prom night. I wish the concept of a prom existed in my darn country.. Thanks for the follow. following you too honey


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