Apr 29, 2012

Little bros prom

This was so a few weeks ago! But at least I'm finally getting around to editing these pics my mom took. This is my little brother Dalton and his beautiful girlfriend Ashley. His graduation is only two weeks away, "YAY" I know he's stoked!

The bro

Beautiful couple

And me & Dalty

Apr 23, 2012

Where are the deals??

Ok ya'll so I have an obsession
It happens to be finding the absolute best price on 

Here's some of my favorite sites for saving a buck
(These are all site's that I use personally, and are all my own personal reviews)

Clothing and accesories

This dress is only $13.99


This site is amazing they feature top brands for a
fraction of the price

Jessica Simpson wrap scarf
 Blossom Wrap Scarf

Rebecca Minkoff
$425 dollar bag for $215


I book most of my vacations through bookit
I heart them

For those of you who don't mind sitting through a 120 minute presentation
(Explaining the advantages of vacation ownership)
You do not have to purchase anything 
is for you

I can assure you the savings are more than worth it
I normally stay in downtown Charleston S.C. for around $150 a night
and that price is through other discount travel sites
Blue Green has a deal right now
3 days 2 nights Land and sea getaway at the Holiday Inn Mountpleasant
You also receive a 4 night Carnival Cruise certificate and $25 Visa reward card

Another great website
They have an awesome deal in Myrtle Beach right now
$399 for three nights at Kingston Plantation
It is a beautiful resort

Not close to you?? That's okay
They have other destination cities too


Take the guess work out of couponing
Search the easy to use database
or sign up for emails for coupons ONLY at the stores you shop at

Find your favorite brands
Digiorno, Snapple, Clariton, Pillsbury, Uncle Bens, Country Crock
and many more

Discounts on a wedding
Ya rite?
Actually it's true

Be sure you check out Groupon for Honeymoon Destinations
photography services and tons more

Make a free wedding website on

While your there check out
The deluxe wedding planner organizer and save a ton
planning yourself
I used this and it saved me so much time and money

Check out http://www.vistaprint.com for invitations
they always have amazing deals

Small business supplies

Working for a small business owner
you learn where the deals are quick
Melissa was always great at finding cute and affordable item's
for her business


Graphic MiniCards

These are mini cards 100 for $19.99
They have many different holders but these are great
they go right on your key chain
Talk about convenience

 Plastic MiniCard holders

Don't forget to visit Etsy for an affordable business logo

Whoah that was one LONG post huh??
Hope you found something to help you save a few dollars
Thanks for reading, Hope everyone is having a great week

Apr 15, 2012

Sexual Assault
Awareness & Prevention Month

It's April
I'm sure most of you know that
But I'm sure quite a few of my lovely reader's don't know 
that April is Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention month
I have only seen one post about this topic
on Ms. Morgan's blog read it here
I have gone back and forth about whether to write anything 
at all about this topic
seeing that it is a sensitive one for me
and usually not talked about at all
But here I am in my living room
halfway watching Army Wives 
writing a post about sexual assault awareness
Lets start with statistics
Read all of them here
In case you didn't click the link 
here are two I think we should all know
Every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is assaulted, also
97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail
those numbers are staggering to me
and to be blatantly honest piss me the F* off

Here are a few links that can help

The national sexual assault hotline

Alright ya'll now I'm going to ask that all of you 
simply consider
linking up with me to raise awareness for sexual assault awareness
and prevention month
The linky tool is below
...Lets spread the word...

Apr 13, 2012

Clarisonic or not?

Hello bloggie friends I started a new job last week, one of the perks?
 I received a make-up consultation to demonstrate the
Commitment to customer service the company tries to provide
Great for me
 I visited the stores Estee Lauder counter and received an amazing facial
The Clarisonic
I will tell you I was pretty sold on this product immediately after using it
 It made an instance difference for my skin, and really gets a deep down clean
Not to mention it feels like your getting a massage
 I WAS sold until I saw this youtube video a comparison
between Clarisonic Mia $119.00 and Olay Pro X $24.99 (Drugstore.com)


Apr 4, 2012

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training

Okay ya'll so my mom is training for her second
triathlon for 
...Team In Training...

"GOOO Mom"

What's that??

"RELENTLESS from the start, Team In Training participants are FOCUSED on raising as much money as they can to make a difference for cancer patients and their families.
Only The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (TNT) has:
Trained over a half a million runners, walkers, triathletes, cyclists and hikers
Raised over $1.2 billion to fund lifesaving cancer research
Two 4-5 month training options:
In-person program from our gigantic network of certified coaches
On-line option - same great coaches, "virtually"
More than 200 exciting endurance events to choose from."

Donate for a great cause here

Apr 1, 2012

Dessert first please

Sweet tooth anyone?
I found these "sweet" recipes on Pinterest
Yes I am 100% obsessed with that site
Click the pictures to get the recipe

Dessert kabobs

Banana Caramel dessert

Yogurt and Banana Frozen Dessert
(Had to throw a healthy one in)

Yogurt and Banana Frozen Dessert

Cookie and Cream brownies

I also found this great tutorial on how to make sweet potato fries...YUM... click here