Nov 26, 2012

The big move

Alrighty ya'll
So I moved to Florida like two days ago


and today 
I got a job
that was quick and much needed
so thank-god for that!
What else have I done?
I got my YMCA membership card today
Got my oil changed at the Fiat Dealership
(Very thankful I got a Fiat, their lounges are awesome while you wait)
After my interview I went by Clearwater beach 
seeing that it was right there
Stared at the water, remembered I have a crappy camera for
a few more weeks and then left
Not very much excitement

There is this little bar by the house, might check it out soon...looks kinda cute

I visited the local college and plan on registering for classes soon!

It's downtown, St. Petersburg College 

Love the location
and love the look

Anyone from Florida?! Feel free to name some places to go!

Nov 24, 2012

Text Cutie the app

So this is what I posted on facebook earlier

I found this adorable app. TextCutie 
(Cute text for instagram) 
that is it's original purpose
but I also thought 
 what a fun and different way to post Facebook status's
love it
Well I am super tired, just wanted to take a minute to share that
post more tommorow
on my big move to the Tampa Bay area

Nov 21, 2012

Black Friday Special

First off to all the newbies...
Welcome to my  blog world

Ok ya'll one of my fave days of the years
Black Friday
I love shopping
But this year, I will not be attending the insanely packed stores
and long lines
Because I am currently UN-employed
But that doesn't mean 
I can't help ya'll on your quest!

First up?


Kohl's Black Friday Prices Online Tonight At Midnight 

 Online sales begin tonight at 12:01 AM CST
There is a Promo Code you can use at checkout to save an additional 15%.
To qualify, enter Kohl's promo code BLACKFRI at the checkout process.

Hottest Items on Sale:
Next up...


50 % off all boots and slippers 
 Bonus Savings coupon in the ad, good for an additional $10 off your purchase of $50 or more that's good online or in-store.

Some good buys:

 Lower East Side Boots for $17.49 (reg. $34.99)
Dexflex by Dexter Boots for $29.99 (reg. $59.99)
Women's Slippers from $9.99-$13.49 (reg. $19.99-26.99)
Men's Slippers from $9.99-$12.49 (reg. $19.99-$24.99)

Up next... 


The Walmart Black Friday 2012 Ad is Here!

 his is the Black Friday Ad everyone has been waiting for and its front page deals show that it is worth the wait!

With 45 pages of deals, divided into three events, starting in successive times, they start the shopping bonanza right after Thanksgiving dinner.

Event 1 starts on November 22 at 8 pm, the Family specials.
Specials on toys, DVDs, bikes so that the family and kids all have something special at great prices at a reasonable hour.

Event 2 kicks off at 10 pm on Nov 22 and is for the gadget die-hards.
one hour in-stock in-store guarantee of these three amazing specials from 10pm to 11 pm Nov 22 only:

iPad 2 with 16GB & Wi-Fi for $399 plus a $75 Walmart gift card
In-store only special Emerson 32 inch TV for only $148
$38 LG Blu-ray player
Event 3 starts at 5 am on Black Friday November 23 with more deals on TVs, clothes, jewelry

Up next:

Forever 21

For a limited time, shoppers can take 30% off select sweaters priced $24.80 and up
Items on sale for $15 include Forever 21 puffy vests regularly $42, now $15. Forever 21 ribbed scoop neck tanks are now $4.80 each or two for $8. Long sleeve V-neck tops are now $6.80 or two for $12, and essential Capri or ankle length leggings are $5.80 or two for $10. Hooded fleece jackets ate $7 and essential knot leggings are $5.80 or two for $10.
Pencil skirts start at $19.80, active wear starts at $9.80 and the rhinestone renegade jewelry collection begins at $4.80.

Last but not least...


I think Target has probably the biggest range of awesome deals!
Visit there website
to see all the pages of the Black Friday Ad


Nov 17, 2012

So I'm single

Anyone else ever like 
always have a boyfriend?
Ya, that's me
Always in a relationship!
Except for right now...
Not sure what is up with that
and here's what I'm thinking

Thing is, I have to make myself happy before I jump into another
relationship, no matter how much I want too
Anyone else find this extremely hard to do?
For some reason it is almost impossible for me...
I'm always looking for happiness in a guy!
Is that cra?
Opinions welcome.

I have some news
I'm moving!

Tampa, Florida
Well really I'm going to be closer to Clearwater
Home of....
No really!
Hooters originated in Clearwater, fun fact!

Thanks for reading ya'll, hope everyones having a great weekend!

Nov 16, 2012

Tattoo Love

First off to all the newbies...
Welcome to my  blog world

.... and thank-you for being here....

Ok ya'll this post is all about some tattoo love!
I F*ing love ink, like 100% LOVE it
Everyone in my fam keeps saying "Ash"/"Scooby"
Fun fact
(My dad calls me Scooby, Scoobs or Scoob)
WE love Scooby Doo
Anyways my fam keeps asking....
" What do you want for X'mas?"
and I say "Ughh Idk leave me alone"
No really that's what I've been saying
I couldn't think of anything until I realized
HOLY F****
Why have you never thought of this before?
Hellooooo you have mad ink....
and want lot's more
So duh
Ask for tattoo gift certificates
"Frikkin genius"
So that's what I'm doing
Now I have to get prepared!
So what am I going to get?
Here's a start
This one for sure,
but where??? Hmmm...undecided

Next up

The bows, ANYONE that knows me knows that I'm a
die hard Hello-Kitty fan so I love bows I use to put bright pink ones in my hair
Now I have slightly outgrown that, but i have not outgrown my love of bows
and these are "Perfect" for me

And next...

The garter and the gun
Just love it
I have heard alot of opinions on this one
thing is you should always

Nov 9, 2012


Alright ya'll I'm back
No really
For real this time 
Like permanately
All the time, blogger
First I want to say thanks so much for sticking around to all my followers
Also I hit 26,000 views while I was away, which is just awesome!

Thank you to absolutely everyone that has came across, and read my little blog.
Thank you for following through my marriage, divorce, and new start
I deleted pretty much everything on here that was tied to my past
NO MORE of that, this is my life and my blog 
My story
Last time I wrote I believe I was telling ya'll 
I moved away, was starting over 
blah, blah, blah 
Well truth is, I went to Florida because I was expecting
Yep, yours truly was prego
Unfortunately I lost the baby
To be honest, I was devastated 
I wanted to be a mom so bad, but I guess it wasn't the time
I started to get homesick and I started to miss my ex
I wanted to come home
And I did 
I risked alot by coming back, and now I risk losing just about everything I have 
because I took a chance
And now, it's over
Regret?? No, not really 
In the past, I always wandered 
What if that relationship would've worked?
What if I would have given it everything I have?
This time I know, I gave it all I had, I took a risk
But sometimes, it just doesn't work
Even though I might lose things, I also learned things
Like, how to spend all day alone and not go crazy
New laundry tactics
 What a quarter scale car is
How to scrape tires :)
To speak up
To make my own decisions
I also met a pretty awesome recipe fairy C* 
(You can make anything using canned chicken)
All of those things, he taught me 
I'm done looking at things as a waste of time
I learned things from our relationship
That's what is important right?
But in the future I will definitely have certain things I'm looking for that are 
100% required and are UN-uncompromisable
Because I deserve it!

Stick around ya'll
Those canned chicken recipes are coming soon...who know's maybe C* will guest post