Tattoo Love

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First off to all the newbies...
Welcome to my  blog world

.... and thank-you for being here....

Ok ya'll this post is all about some tattoo love!
I F*ing love ink, like 100% LOVE it
Everyone in my fam keeps saying "Ash"/"Scooby"
Fun fact
(My dad calls me Scooby, Scoobs or Scoob)
WE love Scooby Doo
Anyways my fam keeps asking....
" What do you want for X'mas?"
and I say "Ughh Idk leave me alone"
No really that's what I've been saying
I couldn't think of anything until I realized
HOLY F****
Why have you never thought of this before?
Hellooooo you have mad ink....
and want lot's more
So duh
Ask for tattoo gift certificates
"Frikkin genius"
So that's what I'm doing
Now I have to get prepared!
So what am I going to get?
Here's a start
This one for sure,
but where??? Hmmm...undecided

Next up

The bows, ANYONE that knows me knows that I'm a
die hard Hello-Kitty fan so I love bows I use to put bright pink ones in my hair
Now I have slightly outgrown that, but i have not outgrown my love of bows
and these are "Perfect" for me

And next...

The garter and the gun
Just love it
I have heard alot of opinions on this one
thing is you should always

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3 lovely little thoughts

  1. I love love tattoos!!! I am in desperate need of #7!

  2. I just got my third and "final"'s a cross with a dove/sparrow bird on both's nothing religious...I like crosses because they symmetrical and both my sisters have the dove/ sparrow bird...I now want something on my side rib cage (think where your bra is) of a quote but dunno the bows thou


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